Film: 7875

Sport | 1960 | Silent | B/W


26.5.64 - Silent - Indianapolis '500' time trials (motor car racing). Jack Brabham in his racing car is pushed on to the track. Spectators. A car speeding past on the race track. Jack Brabham, the Austrian racing driver, in his racing clothes in his stationary racing car. Sweepers on the race track. Bobby Unser in his car. The chequered flag being waved as Bobby Unser completes the fastest lap of this time- trial. The side-saddle car driven by Bobby Johns crashing and spinning out of control (medium long shot). The wrecked car. Crowds applauding. Paul Russo, who failed to qualify, tightening his helmet strap.
16.6.64 - Silent - The mast of the racing yacht 'Cosato II' which was the first tall ship to cross from England to St. Georges in Bermuda. Here it is seen moored to a quay in St. Georges. Shots of the ship's deck. The entrance to the living quarters. Navigational equipment. The crew in the living quarters (poor quality). Navigator using charts in the boat. Bow of the ship with its name clearly in shot. A crowd on the quay.
7.5.67 - Silent - Highlights of a football (soccer) match between St. Louis Stars and the Chicago Spurs. The former win 2 - 1.
31.7.61 - Silent - Jerry Barber putting at the Olympia Fields Country Club Golf Course in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. to win the P.G.A. over Don January. January and Barber walking to next hole with spectators behind them. Subtitles give details of the golfer's position in the competition. Barber chips, ball lands on fairway which is flanked by spectators. Barber putts and the ball goes in to hole. Barber chipping out of sand trap (bunker). Finally, January putts and misses resulting in Barber's victory. They shake hands.
31.7.61 - Silent - Exterior of Olympia Fields Country Club in Chicago with cars parked. Vendor (man with white shirt, hat and spectacles) selling 43rd P.G.A. Tournament pennants. Barber teeing off. Don January teeing off. Long shot of fairway and then Barber. Ball lands near spectators (rear view). Barber putts, then January. Brief shot of crowd. Man holding sign with scores on it. Barber putts and the ball goes down the hole. He raises his cap to the applauding audience. January putts and misses. More applause from the audience. January and Barber shake hands outside marquee, they both look very happy.
30.6.66 - Silent - Arnold Palmer in the rough at the National (Golfing) Open in San Francisco, California, U.S.A.. Ball lands on green. Shot of spectators. Billy Casper chipping onto the green. Audience applauding. Spectators with periscopes so that they can see over the heads of the people in front of them (rear view only). Golf spectators walking along path in summer clothes.
7.8.66 - Silent - Commonwealth Games 1966 - Women swimmers preparing for race (medium long shot). Women swimmers on rostrums preparing to dive. The starting gun is fired and they dive and begin to swim front crawl. A seated audience. Swimmers return to start and another swimmer dives. This is a freestyle relay race. Female Canadian freestyle relay team being awarded gold medals at award ceremony. Short segment of the men's freestyle relay race. Boxing in the open air. One of the boxers represents Canada (this is written on his vest). Shot of the judges deliberating. Waiting for the result. The Canadian boxer stands on the camera-side of the referee who raises his arm to indicate that he has won the bout. The same Canadian boxing an Australian indoors. Judges at long table. The end of the match is indicated by the referee. The boxers rest on each others shoulders. Shot of judges. Again Canadian on camera side of referee. Australia has won. The two boxers embrace.

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