Film: 7876

Places + Locations | 1960 | Silent | B/W


12.9.61 - Silent - Texas, U.S.A.. Aftermath of Hurricane Carla. Aerial view of flooded petrol station. Collapsed house. Strong wind, two men on river bank trying to remove pole from ground, horse stands in background, together they rock pole back and forth, eventually it comes out but one of them falls over, he stands and walks after horse, wind is blowing his T shirt about. Dog running in the wreckage of a building. Letter box pole at angle, wrecked houses. Beds lining hospital corridor. Medium shot of woman in bed (rear view). Woman in bed with bandage over eye.
9.2.64 - Aerial views of Mount Etna, Italy, erupting. Smoke rising from the volcano sides. Smoke rising from the main crater. Impressive lava flow during day and night.
10.9.64 - Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.A. - Aftermath of flood. A flooded car park, a sign with the cost of parking indicated on it, car parked with water up to its body work. Two men rowing a boat past partially submerged trees. Shop awnings in tatters (destroyed by the storm winds). Bricks strewn over path and road, a fence that has been blown down, a shop window that has been blown in, broken telegraph cables blowing in the wind, a car crushed by a fallen tree, man repairing telephone lines at the top of a telegraph pole, a fallen tree being cut up before removal.
2.4.65 - El Cobre, Chile, South America - The aftermath of an earthquake. Aerial view of muddy landscape. Men digging where a house used to be. Bulldozer pulling down a house. Work men standing below wrecked house. Rubbish being dumped into the back of a pick up truck. Men in white helmets, shirts and trousers digging. Chilean crowd look on. Blanket placed over corpse. Chilean woman cooking over fire outside tent, a Chilean boy.
17.5.68 - The aftermath of a tornado in Arkansas, U.S.A.. Scene of devastation: road sign, 'South 63', lying on ground, pieces of wood scattered all around, an overturned car. Closer shot of over turned cars. Helicopter taking off from scene of devastation. Open door of police car with Arkansas State Police written on it, a soldier with rifle stands behind the door. Police officer getting out of car and shutting door. U.S. soldiers surveying the damage. Long panning shot of damage with moving cars on road in middle ground. Railway line with people on it, pan to car in a ditch. Volkswagon Beetle moving slowly along road in middle of the wreckage. Man with car in ditch. The remains of a house: planks of wood. A leaning telegraph pole with cable blowing in the wind. A nice shot of a blasted tree from beneath it.

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