Film: 7877

Aviation | 1960 | Silent | Colour + B/W


Air Crashes And Air Shows
9.4.64 - B/W - Pan American Boeing 707 in river after crashing on landing in New York, U.S.A.. The fuselage has been broken in two. Nose of the plane lies away from aircraft. All doors of the plane lie open. Inflatable raft lies abandoned. Men taking passenger's luggage off aeroplane. Another aircraft standing on its undercarriage, in mud outside the airport. Men digging in the mud by the plane's wheels in order to release the passenger plane from the mud.
24.4.64 - B/W - Hanover Air Show - Items on display on the tarmac: rockets, propeller aircraft, jet aeroplanes. Prototype of vertical take-off aeroplane taking off. Large helicopter with four Volkswagen Beetles carried within its hold taking-off. A cameraman filming. The large helicopter with the cars on board in flight.
22.7.65 - B/W - Bomber crash lands in New Hampshire. Line of military vehicles. A U.S. Navy helicopter in flight. A large aircraft comes into land. The plane landing on the runway without its under carriage down. A helicopter hovers overhead. Ground crew working on the crashed bomber. A U.S. military officer speaking. (The majority of this footage is a little out of focus.)
16.5.68 - Colour - VC10 automatic landing. VC10 in flight. Cockpit of VC10 shot from the centre of the cockpit with vague view of the ground from the windows. Rear view of pilot and co-pilot strapped into their seats. Control panel with levers moving back and forth on their own. Making landing approach. VC10 in flight: clouds, blue sky. Back to cockpit. Another shot of control panel with throttles adjusting themselves automatically. Aircraft steering wheel adjusting itself, pilots folded hands also in shot. Pedals moving on their own, pilots feet in shot flat on the ground. Dial in cockpit panel moving slightly. Close up of throttle controls adjusting themselves. Start of runway seen through cockpit window then more as they land.

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