Film: 7878

War + Military | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


17.5.65 - Silent - Bien Howa, South Vietnam, South East Asia. Demolition experts blow up bombs strewn over air base after chain explosion. Extreme long shot of enormous cloud of smoke created by explosion.
9.8.65 - Silent - Nha Trang, South Vietnam, South East Asia. Extensive damage to the coastal town of Nha Trang after a U.S. B57 jet bomber crash landed into the village. The crew had ejected safely at sea after a severe fuel leak had been detected. The co-pilot had said that the automatic pilot had been set to take the plane out to sea but it had failed. U.S. soldiers stand in groups surveying the damage caused by the crashed aircraft. Two U.S. soldiers kneeling and looking closely at the rubble.
28.9.65 - Sound - Saigon, South Vietnam, South East Asia. Lieutenant Colonel George Brown of the U.S. army stands in front of a blackboard while holding a Soviet sniper rifle, part of a cache found in a raid on the Vietcong. He gives details of the rifle and then explains that a message found with the cache stated that the rifles were to be used on 'Leaders and American advisors.'

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