Film: 7879

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


24.2.64 - Sound - Officials at the trial of Jack Ruby discuss the controversy over selection of jurors who saw Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald (Kennedy's assassin) on television. Melvin Belli, Ruby's attorney, interviewed. States that people who saw the shooting on television may have well as seen it on a street corner and therefore precludes them from being jury members. District Attorney Wade states that this is a 'frivolous motion' and that it is a delaying tactic. Judge Joe Brown then talks about the qualifications that he put on the petition.
5.3.64 - Sound - Belli is interviewed and says that he will hit ceiling if prosecution tries to establish that Ruby knew Oswald before he killed him. He claims that such a manoeuvre will dirty the case.
19.3.64 - Sound - New Ruby lawyer, Percy Foreman, replaces Belli. Close up of Foreman at his desk, on the telephone. Ruby's family in a diner. Foreman interviewed and being arrogant and speaking of ethics, God and money.
28.4.64 - Silent - Ruby sanity hearing. Men entering court, doors being shut behind them. People being frisked by police officer. People seated in courtroom. People leaving courtroom.

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