Film: 7880

Politics | 1960 | Sound | B/W


19.3.64 - Washington, U.S.A. - Ohio Republican Congressman Oliver Bolton interviewed about his call for an inquiry into charges of alleged political influence in the granting of a charter to a bank in which ex-senate aide Bobby Baker was an original subscriber.
18.3.64 - Washington, U.S.A. - The Bobby Baker Hearing Committee Chairman, Democratic Senator Everett Jordan, lashes out at Republican charges that he is being pressurised to end the enquiry. He states in interview that 'There is no place for back alley politics.'
3.12.64 - Washington, U.S.A. - Republican Senator John Williams of Delaware states in the Bobby Baker Hearing that he was called a liar by the Committee Counsel, Major Lennox McClendon. In this clip there are exchanges between various senators sitting around a large table concerning this matter.
4.12.64 - Washington, U.S.A. - Samuel Scott tells the Senate Rules Committee that a witness in the Baker case who had refused to testify had spent several days partying with Bobby Baker and two women, Ellie Rometsch and Carole Tyler.

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