Film: 7883

War + Military | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


A mixed bag that illustrates America's involvement in countries in South East Asia other than Vietnam.
6.8.64 - Sound - San Jose, California, U.S.A. - Parents of the second American pilot to be captured, Lieutenant Everett Alvarez, a prisoner of the North Vietnamese, are interviewed having been told that their son is alive. They state that they are overjoyed at the news. The interviewer asks them how they feel about their son being a prisoner of war in peacetime. They have no interest in political semantics; their son is alive. (He was likely imprisoned in the Hanoi Hilton. Alvarez was usually known as the the first of nearly 600 U.S. pilots captured by the North Vietnamese, but was actually the second. He was released 8 years later at the conclusion of peace negotiations).
2.9.64 - Silent - Travis Air Force Base, California, U.S.A. - Lieutenant Charles Klusmann, a pilot who escaped after three months of imprisonment in Laos, returns home. Klusmann appears at aircraft door. He walks to a second plane in order to have moment of privacy with wife. He gets off plane with wife, poses for pictures. The happy couple kiss.
9.11.64 - Silent - Phnom Penh, Cambodia, South East Asia. Cambodians celebrate eleventh anniversary of independance with anti-American exhibits. Roulette wheel, Cambodians playing roulette on street side. Flags of countries that sent special delegations to the celebrations. Remains of U.S. unarmed aeroplane (C-123) displayed in Cambodia. Cambodians gather around edge of the display. Tail of the aircraft intact. A damaged South Vietnamese armoured personel vehicle displayed next to aeroplane.
6.8.65 - Silent - Berkeley, California, U.S.A. - Anti-Vietnam war pacifist demonstrators attempt to stop a train carrying soldiers to an embarkation point. Police push demonstrators to one side. Banner: 'Stop Colonial Wars'. Aerial view of policeman walking through banner and throwing it to one side. Diesel train led by soldiers in helmets enters frame and passes demonstrators on platform.
11.1.67 - Sound - Hong Kong - New York Times assistant managing editor, Harrison Salisbury speaks about his trip to Hanoi, North Vietnam, south East Asia. States that North Vietnamese are unlikely to negotiate for peace unless they are close to military collapse (and they may prefer to go under rather than capitulate) or if the negotiations are on their terms.
11.7.66 - Sound - New York, U.S.A. - Floyd McKissick, National Director of the Congress of Racial Equality, states, while in a radio station (WCBS printed on wall behind him and he speaks into microphone on table), that now is the time for a mission to be sent Cambodia. Makes a connection between the race problems in U.S.A. and the problems in South East Asia.
12.2.68 - Silent - Seoul, Korea, South East Asia - Large governmental building in Seoul. Cyrus Vance meets President of Korea, Chung Hee Park. Other Westerners enter room (one in army uniform, he wears spectacles in which one of the lenses is blacked out). The Westerners stand around. The President enters and shakes hands. Seated Korean ministers. The president in a throne-like chair looking very Kingly. He heads a table around which Vance and others sit.
22.3.61 - Sound - Washington DC, U.S.A. - U.S. President Johnson sits at desk with microphone to give a press conference. Film cameras on stands. Medium close up of President who states that U.S. will not allow an independent nation like Laos to be subsumed by a military nation (Vietnam?).

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