Film: 7886

War + Military | 1960 | Silent | B/W


21.6.64 - Large car pulls up outside building. Men get out (Korean and Western). They enter building. Sign stating 'Conference Room'. Embassy cars with flags on bonnet. Men seated in comfortable arm chairs. They laugh. Photographers in corridor. Korean police offcers outside building. This does not look much like a court martial but...
3.6.67 - Levy court martial. U.S. Military Policeman standing next to sign 'General Court Martial Building'. A U.S. army officer enters building followed by a low ranking soldier accompanied by a man in a suit. Man smoking pipe talks to two women. Man in suits coming out of building.
5.6.67 - Silent - Seoul, Korea, South East Asia. U.S. airforce sergeant, Billie Cox, tried by Korean civil court for arson and aggravated assault . Cox is said to have assaulted a taxi driver and set fire to a house occupied by a Korean girl acquaintence. The judge in the Korean court room. Cox looking very stern. Cox speaking. Korean lawyer. Korean spectators.

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