Film: 7887

War + Military | 1960 | Silent | B/W


29.2.65 - Uxbridge, Middlesex - A line of Battle of Britain veteran pilots reunited in the 1960s. Various kinds of shots. All men are in RAF uniform. Close-ups of the RAF insignia on the uniforms.
25.4.68 - A short news piece that details the development of RAF Fighter Command during World War One and Two. World War Two footage: The front of stationary Lancaster bombers. Small tractor towing carts loaded with bombs. Bombs on carts being pushed and pulled into position beneath a Lancaster. Close up of bomb. World War one footage: Young pilots standing in a group in front of their biplanes. Ground crew loading bombs on to WWI bomber. Door: 'WRAF - Women Only', door opens, woman emerges. Women inside sitting at long table. Women working on wing of an aircraft in a factory, part completed planes in the background. Women polishing completed biplanes in the open air. WWII: women working on long piece of cloth on a table (parachute?). Women working on cockpit of aeroplane. Women marching in uniform while saluting. Bombs falling from the sky, explosions. WWI biplane (RAF) being pushed into position. WWI bombers on ground with pilots standing in front of them. Long line of WWII bombers parked on ground with pilots standing in front of them, shot of the propellers turning from the opposite angle. Spitfire taking off and in flight. Squadron of Spitfires taking off (extreme long shot). Winston Churchill in RAF uniform and smoking a cigar with RAF pilots. Various navigators and pilots of WWII in different poses. A close up of a navigator's badge on his breast pocket.

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