Film: 7888

Sport | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


19.10.63 - Silent - Russia versus Italy in an international football match. Sign attached to fence with number '13' in top right hand corner. Pan down to reveal the acronym 'CCCP'. Pull back and the entire sign is revealed: an advertisement for the match between Russia and Italy with the flags of the respective nations and words written in Cyrillic. Large empty football stadium. Pan right revealing more empty seating stops on clock: 2pm. Russian footballers strolling on to pitch for pre-match training session. Footballers kicking ball to each other. Goalkeeper practicing. A friendly game between members of the same side. Russian coach talking to players. Clock: 3:40. Russian crowds walking along wet road. The majority wear rain coats. Crowds in stadium car park. (Coaches in background, cars in foreground.) Football supporters going through turnstiles. The stadium packed to capacity. The Russian and Italian football teams walking on to the pitch together (the Russians carry bunches of flowers as presents for the opposing team). Tracking medium shot of the Italian team (with 'Italia' written on their jerseys) and then the Russian team (with CCCP written on their jerseys). Both teams appear very serious (listening to their National Anthems). The crowd: an Italian supporter waving an Italian flag above his head (wearing suit and tie). Close up of stationary ball on centre-spot. Cameraman filming. The game: Russia scores and the crowd go wild (two-finger whistling and over-head clapping. Russia scores again and the players embrace each other. The score board (in Russian). The end of the game and the players walk quietly off pitch.
14.4.66 - Silent - Dortmund-Borussia play West Ham at football in Dortmund, Germany, Europe. Kick-off and Dortmund score within minutes. Close up of cameraman. Dortmund on the attack. Banner in crowd, 'West Ham Uber Alles'. Free kick to the Germans just outside the goal area. West Ham construct a human wall which the ball penetrates, eventually finding the back of the net - GOAL! German players leap on each other to celebrate. Minor pitch invasion. West Ham score (seen from behind the goal). West Ham kick-off second half. End of game. German spectator with flag runs on to pitch to congratulate Dortmund players.
7.5.68 - Sound - Horse racing. Kentucky Derby winner, Dancer's Image, disqualified. Stables, a horse's head. Owner, Peter Fuller, being interviewed about disqualification at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.. Asked if mistake has been made. Replies that it is possible and that he has an attorney. The Gold Cup won by Dancer's Image and that now must be returned. Dancer's Image in winners enclosure after the race. The cup being awarded (shot from above).
4.7.66 - Silent - Theodore Lupino of Boston runs onto Suffolk Downs horse racetrack during the Mayflower Stakes. Shown in freeze frame. Horses in distance on race track. Man runs in to shot from right. He is knocked down by two horses that pass either side of him. The following horse runs over him. He stands and holds his arms outstretched.

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