Film: 7889

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Silent | B/W


A fire in a factory in Japan, Asia. Enormous flames rising from a warehouse / chemical factory. Japanese fire engines. Japanese firemen using hoses on fire. Barrels of chemicals. More flames: building collapsing, crowds running. Shot of abandoned shoes on road. Police with enormous batons / truncheons controlling crowd. Casualty being treated on road. Nurse. Casualty being bundled into ambulance. Fireman using axes to knock hole in wall. Stretchers with covered corpses being carried away. Japanese ambulance leaving the scene, three cameramen filming departure. An operating theatre in a Japanese hospital. Drips being set up by nurse. Aerial views of the smoking and destroyed factory. Barrels full of chemicals. Twisted metal framework of the factory from ground level - devastation.

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