Film: 789

Aviation | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Film explaining the principles of flight in very simple terms. Good shots of small aircraft 1940's

Hands move towards a wooden frame of a model airplane. Sandpaper used. Voice-over from supposed POV of the boy sanding the plane (although the voice is far too old to actually be the boy). Another boy and a girl arrive at the workshop. Second boy takes off his jacket. Girl's face, smiling. Peter (second boy) points to the propeller - he thought this is what makes the aeroplanes take off. Cut to full size propeller of a real airplane. Full shot of plane taking off (N5302P - small two seater) Odd looking plane (N6222K) with the propeller at the back. Jet aeroplane on the runway takes off. Timed by a man with a stopwatch.

Model airplane. The boy's hand flicks the propeller. Anne looks at the wings. Plane N5302P in the air, green fields seen below (shot from another plane at slightly higher altitude). First boy explains aerodynamics to Anne using the model. Diagram of airfoil. Animated air foil moving through the sky. Animated air rushes over the air foil, showing that air moves faster over the top surface. Model on the table. First boy punctures a ping pong ball and attaches it to a string. He asks the others to guess which way the ball will move when he blows on it through a straw. He does so and the ball moves unexpectedly towards the straw. Close up of ping pong ball. Diagram of ping pong ball. Arrows on each side represent equal air pressure. Straw and animated arrows changes the air pressure on one side - it grows less and therefore the ball moves in the direction of the greatest pressure.

Three children at the table. First boy puts a drawing pin in the centre of a square of cardboard. He puts a reel of cotton over the pin. He blows on the card. Close up on his mouth. The card is lifted from the workbench. Diagram of cotton reel and cardboard showing the air movement and pressure. Boy lifts up plane. Diagram of air foil showing lift from below. First boy puts on jacket.

Three children at airport. All board plane N5308P. Children fasten safety belts. Shot of children and pilot (Mr Wilson) through windscreen. Propellers starting up (shot from below). Mr Wilson's hand pushes lever marked 'throttle'. Plane moves forward (shot from very low angle). Stationary aeroplanes can be seen in the fields alongside the runway. Plane passes a flag and stops. Mr Wilson's hand. Propeller moving. Children in the back seat look excited. Plane takes off smoothly (camera at end of runway). Undercarriage of plane shot from ground. Trees and fields shot from aeroplane. Side shot of plane in the air. Mr Wilson steering. Aileron of wing. Second wing. Aeroplane banking. Mr Wilson's hand on the steering gear. Plane straightens up. Mr Wilson's feet on the rudder pedals. Rudder turns to each side. Plane banks and turns (shot from higher altitude). Plane turning (shot from inside cockpit). Fields and trees can be seen below. Mr Wilson's hand on throttle. Airplane flying (shot from above). Mr Wilson pushes wheel forward. Plane begins a glide or dive. Plane shot from far away. Runway visible, shot from cockpit. . Plane shot from lower down. Plane comes in to land. Plane landing shot from ground level. Plane moving along the ground. Children disembark. John (first boy) and Mr Wilson talking. Boy's hand points to propeller of model plane. John points to wings. Diagram of airfoil. Real aeroplane in sky. Plane banks away from camera.

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