Film: 7892

Social History | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


An aspect of the Civil Rights Movement duting the 1960s.
23.5.61 - Sound - Alabama - Patterson explains his opposition to intervention in Alabama's legal machinery by Federal Marshalls. States, in a press conference, that Alabama has always enforced the law when there was enough people to do so. He wears black suit and carnation in his lapel. Claims that such interventions are unconstitutional and that it is 'unwarranted and unneeded'.
Silent - Patterson in his wood panelled office (the Confederate and Union flags are in evidence in the background) while talking to interviewer.
Sound - Martin Luther King during a press conference. Talks of black people wanting to meet violence with violence. States that 'we don't wanna do that. We can't do that.'
Silent - Black women sitting in a large hall in their Sunday best (listening to MLK?)
26.7.64 - Silent - Rochester, New York, U.S.A. - Police helicopter crashes into building at the end of a weekend of rioting in Rochester killing the pilot and two occupants of the building. Burnt out house. Firemen using hoses and up ladders. A burnt out car that was parked near the damaged building. Wreckage of the helicopter (almost unidentifiable). A man being helped away by firemen. Man being given oxygen while sitting on road. Good shot of U.S. ambulance driving away from the scene.
26.7.64 - Silent - Rochester, New York, U.S.A. - National Guardsmen patrol Rochester after riots. Guardsman / soldier takes rifle out of cab of military truck. Military lorries and jeep. Close up of the words 'U.S. Army'. At night in Rochester: white males being frisked by soldiers. A small scythe being shown to the camera (a weapon found on a suspect). Military trucks full of troops on Rochester streets. Black man being handcuffed by guardsman. Arrested black man being led away.
31.7.64 - Silent - Brandon, Mississippi - black church burned to ground (fifteenth incident since civil rights drive began in Mississippi). Remains of the destroyed church: the stone steps, the bell standing in ashes.
6.8.64 - Sound - Washington DC, U.S.A - Mrs. Schwerner, widow of Civil Rights worker found murdered in Mississippi, interviewed. White woman speaks of the gentleness of her husband and his commitment to the goodness in human beings.
6.8.64 - Silent - Athens, Georgia - Members of the Ku Klux Klan arrested in Athens in connection with the murder of a black educator, Lemuel Penn. White men in car, man in the rear seat with hands over his face. White man with hands over his face being led to the car. He lies on back seat with his hands over his face. Car driving off with man covering his face in the back seat. Another white man being led to car with his hands over his face (the suspects).
11.8.64 - Sound - Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. - Lester Maddox keeps his restaurant segregated despite court order. He refuses to admit three blacks. Enormous crowd gathers around bar in street. Bar owner speaks to three smartly dressed black people outside the bar. He states that he will close bar if they enter resulting in the loss of forty jobs. He states 'You can't eat here.' A white man in the crowd attempts to punch one of the black men but is restrained by other crowd members; the black man holds up his hand. Aerial shot of the black men being led away by police through a predominantly white crowd. A very powerful piece of film about the drive for integration.
21.9.64 - Silent - Biloxi, Mississippi - Federal Grand Jury begin probe into death of three Civil Rights workers. Old white men entering room (judges). Old white man buying newspaper from street vending machine. White men (lawyers) carrying boxes of records into the courthouse. Row of black people sitting in chairs in a corridor. White men entering elevator / lift. The doors begin to close, another man stops them closing, three more white men enter the lift.

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