Film: 7893

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound | B/W


1.8.61: sound: U.S.A.. Democratic leaders meet. Cameras gathered around speaking politician (rear view). Line of journalists writing. Politician speaking outside building, microphones in front of him. Bald man at microphone states that it is important to plan policy of foreign aid; compares current policy to Khruschev (Soviet premier) who has been planning for twenty years. Journalists. Another politician talks of the criticism against foreign aid and a policy that extends beyond one year.
15.8.61: sound: Washington D.C., U.S.A.. Henry Cabot Lodge (ex-U.N. Ambassador) speaks at a Senate group. The Senate group sitting at long tables in room (long shot). Lodge at desk, microphones in front of him. Lodge speaks: U.S. government not yet organised to make bold moves in foreign affairs. Compares U.S. to Soviet Union.
9.11.64: sound: Louisville. Teachers' strike. An empty teacher's chair, pan to empty classroom. Subtitle, 'Louisville'. American flag inside school. Banner in front of car, 'Help our Protesting Teachers'. Emergency teachers' meeting; crowd of people in front of hall. People in hall queueing up in front of table. Slogan in car-window, 'Teachers Deserve Decent Pay'. Exterior of locked school doors. Interior of hall, crowd, people holding up banners, 'No More Double Jess '. Crowds of students demonstrating on steps of Jefferson County courthouse, clapping and chanting, 'We wanna graduate.' More demonstrators on street. Banner, 'Louisville - An All American Pity'.
20.10.66: sound: Los Angeles. Film stars take part in California Political Campaign. Brief shots of Joey Bishop, Keely Smith, Danny Thomas (waving from behind door with 'Entertainers only'). Frank Sinatra, Danny Thomas, Dean Martin together in a line. All these stars are campaigning on behalf of Pat Brown in his contest for Governor of California. Filming of his television commercial, clapperboard held in front of Burt Lancaster, it is snapped shut and Lancaster looks up, states that he is an actor and that he takes an active part in politics. Barry Sullivan (with subtitle of his name) states that he is an actor and must draw a line between fantasy and reality; that he is aware he is unable to be, in reality, the characters he plays, just as he could not be governor. Gregory Peck (with subtitle) is proud to be a Californian. Gene Kelly (with subtitle) on difference between reading script and the problems of biggest U.S. state. Reagan supporters - Hal Perry standing at rostrum and smiling into camera. Ronald Reagan advert. Title over Reagan, 'Sponsored by Reagan for Governor Committee'. Reagan standing at rostrum. Long shot of people sitting at large table in hall. Question: Do taxes have to rise? Answer: Convinced that can reduce cost of government. Cheers, long shot of applauding crowd, title 'Vote for Reagan'. Questioner standing in crowd asks: What qualifies you to run California? Answer: Not one-man operation; holding public office not only way to get experience for public office.
10.1.67: sound: Washington. Congressman Morris Udall (Arizona Democrat). Medium shot of Udall speaking; states that the unseated New York congressman Adam Clayton Powell could well be reseated after the election only to be unseated again.
21.2.67: sound: Chicago. Congressman Gerald Ford on Jim Garrison's investigation (Second investigation into John F. Kennedy's assassination). Medium close-up of Ford. Had enormous effect to gain co-operation of F.B.I. and local authorities to interrogate anyone who knew of Lee Harvey Oswald's time spent in New Orleans. However, sometimes not all evidence comes to light in initial investigations and hopes that all involved will co-operate with authorities again. Question: Was a conspiracy mentioned in initial investigation? Warren Commission attempted to interview all connected to assassination.
11.2.68: silent: New York. End of eight-day strike by garbage collectors. Rubbish trucks travelling down New York street. Garbage trucks parked; leaving depot. Street-sweepers walking along pavement with brooms over shoulder (long shot). Medium shot of same as they walk towards camera. Garbage truck passes camera. 'Sanitation' written on side. Refuse men in cold weather clothing emptying bins into truck; same sweeping up rubbish on pavement. Rolling full bin. Interior of compactor. More rubbish.
13.2.68: silent: Memphis, Tennessee. Refuse men strike. Idle, stationary garbage trucks in depot. Row of full oil-drum bins along wall of building. Travelling shot of same. Rubbish on wasteland.

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