Film: 7894

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


1960s - Silent - Panama, South America. Cars with headlights on moving slowly along road at night. Soldiers searching men and women as they board bus. Three men with their hands on the roof of a car as soldier with rifle walks behind them. One of the men walks to rear of vehicle. Man and soldier looking in the boot of the car. Sign above bank entrance, 'Banco Nacional', pan to group of people standing at rear of van parked on road. Man takes bags from van and walks towards camera, pan to follow him as he walks into bank. Interior of bank. Bags are placed with others, tilt up to large door of safe, men in suits walk past door. One of the bags being held up to camera has 'CORREOS NACIONALES' written on it. Man in spectacles and suit next to shelves on which bags are stacked. Pan round to get better view.
23.1.64 - Sound - New Orleans, Mississippi - Student leader, seventeen year old James Jenkins, who was involved in raising the American flag on the grounds of Balboa High School in Panama. He stands against a wall and is asked questions. He states that it was not a mistake though he regrets the death of four U.S. soldiers who died in the subsequent rioting. In response to a question about the Panamanian and American flags flying together he states that he does not 'like the Panamanian flag flying over an American school...'. Ugly nationalism.
15.5.68 - Sound - Panama - Riots. CBS reporter states that violence had to break out in Panama. A crowd. Boy runs out of building, past burning car and across street. A bus on its side in flames. Men throwing anything: rocks, sticks. Bus being turned over by demonstrators. Injured man sitting in middle of road holding his leg up and shouting. Three men run into shot, pick him up and run off. Man in crowd throwing stones. Dead man lying in street. He is dragged by the legs. 27.8.61 - Silent - New York, U.S.A.. Pickets demonstrate outside Brazilian Consulate on Fifth Avenue in support of resignation by Brazil's President, Janio Quadras. Pan down building to circling pickets with banners. Banner, Congratulations Brazil. Keep the Communists Out'. Other banners calling for U.S. to follow Brazil's example. Long shot of pickets over policeman's shoulder.
10.11.68 - Silent - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Queen Elizabeth II of Britain attends war memorial and soccer match. World War Two monument in long shot. American flag flying alongside Brazilian flags. Queen with Prince Philip in rear of open topped car. Crowds lining the road applaud. Queen in white outfit. Shakes hands with officials in uniform. Crowd applauding. Queen followed by crowd of officials. Aerial view of enormous crowd. Queen ascending steps to the monument. Queen and Philip getting back into the car. As car pulls away the two are standing and waving at the crowds. French (?) and British flags flying together. Aerial view of football match in enormous stadium. Pele and Gerson are somewhere on the pitch. The Queen's expressionless face. Philip with binoculars. Enormous flags being waved by fans. Queen standing and smiling while presenting enormous trophy to football player still in shorts.
10.4.61 - Sound - Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.. Argentinian Jewish leader Maximo Yagupsky is asked how severe the Argentinians think Adolf Eichmann's (German accused of atrocities against Jews during World War Two who was discovered living in Argentina) punishment should be. Yagupsky sits at table with microphones. Calls for symbolic punishment but against capital punishment. When asked if other Nazis are hiding in Argentina he says he is not sure but that he knew Josef Mengele was hiding there.
18.10.61 - Silent - U.S.A.. No information on this footage. Possibly illegal immigrants or Cubans that have been picked up by U.S. Coast Guard. People on board Coast Guard boat waving (extreme long shot). Long shot of the same, pans along line of them. People (they appear to be South Americans as they are dark skinned and wear Stetsons (if this means anything at all)) leaving vessel via gang plank. Close up of child's face who is being carried by man, she turns away. Boy holding box, mother holds his shoulder, they stand in front of bus and talk to Coast Guard official. Medium close up of woman's face talking to Coast Guard official. More people getting off boat.,
20.10.61 - Sound - New York, U.S.A.. Margery Michelmore, on her way to Costa Rica as part of new Peace Corps assignment, stops in New York and is interviewed about her postcard that described conditions in Nigeria as appalling and subsequently ignited a furor in that country. She claims that she has not lost her idealism, that the postcard was exaggerated and that Nigeria is in fact very beautiful.
31.7.64 - Silent - Off Bermuda coast - Naval undersea laboratory being slowly raised to surface as storm approaches. Tower like structure in the sea. Men in large motorised rubber dinghies. Diver with aqualung in sea. Underwater shots of divers entering a 'U.S. Navy Sea Lab'. Divers manipulating pipes on its exterior. Men in boat on surface watching monitors displaying the diver's activities. The diver's. Man speaking into radio handset. Diver pushing pipe into a larger pipe on 'Sea Lab'. Divers leaving the lab.
24.1.64 - Silent - Moscow, USSR - Fidel Castro, President of Cuba, signs trade agreement with Russians. Castro sitting and talking with Russian officers in uniform. They all seem in good spirits. Russian delegation ascending staircase in opulent building. Castro speaking at microphone. Applause from audience. Castro sitting at desk. He laughs, picks up pen, shakes hands with a Russian. They stand, more applause, they hug. Castro walking out of building with lots of Russians.

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