Film: 7895

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


9.4.64 - Silent - Mrs. Abjubej at fashion show. Models parade before small seated audience. First in golf suit; second in black and white sleeveless dress with white gloves and hat (very glamorous); third in halter neck evening dress with flowers; fourth in black and white mini dress; and finally a floral bikini with a hat from which dangles flowers. A round of applause from the audience.
1.6.67 - Silent - A port in U.S.A. - Windsors leave for England. Aging Duke of Windsor with his American wife the Duchess of Windsor or Mrs Wallis Simpson on the deck of the S.S. United States. He is wearing sunglasses and waves. Press conference in a room on the liner.
1.6.67 - Sound - Tel Aviv, Israel - Discotheque which doubles as a blood bank! Young men and women dancing. Man lying on floor with blood drip in his arm. He is wearing sunglasses and a short sleeve shirt. The dancers look on. Bags of blood on table. Glamorous women laughing. Women smoking while another gives blood. 13.6.67 - Sound - Eilat, Israel - The Dolphin, a ship that has sailed through straits that were thought to be mined, arrives at Eilat to the joy of the crowd on the harbour side. Much celebration, crowds with Israeli flag, singing (edited together from fragments).
2.5.68 - Silent - History of Israel told by the moving image - Israeli troops in lorries travelling along road. The troops are waving wildly. Israeli government officials (possibly including Ben Gurion, Israel's Prime Minister) walking around a Kibbutzim. Sheep in a large pen. Tractor ploughing. Construction of dam for irrigation: enormous crane, rushing water. Tanks on manoeuvres, lots of dust. Moshe Dyan, Israel's defence minister, inspecting troops. Refugees with boxes on their heads walking along boards. In distance can see crowds of refugees. Arabs walking. The Wailing Wall.
14 & 15.11.68 - El Kantarah, Suez Canal - Town controlled by Israel at which Egyptian refugees cross the Suez into Egypt. Bus arrives. Large building with Israeli flag flying. Truck parked. Two children descend from bus followed by Arab woman in black, a soldier helps the latter with her bag. Soldier carrying child from bus towards camera passes child to another soldier who gives him to his father. Injured man being carried to boat already full of refugees. On the boat people are standing and sitting where they can. Pan up to Red Cross flag. Boat leaves for the Egyptian bank of the canal. Israeli officers talking to soldiers. Refugees disembark, back on Egyptian soil.
4.11.66 - Silent - Melbourne, Australia - Melbourne zoo, people walking along wet paths. Three lionesses and a lion attack a lioness (shot through the bars of their cage). Shot of lion with his teeth firmly fixed in the dying lioness's flesh. Zoo keeper ineffectually sprays water on the lions. A crowd has developed around the cage. Lion licks carcass. Lion pulls dead lioness into his den.
10.7.68 - Sound - Sydney, Australia. Norman Allen, Police Chief of Sydney, is interviewed about gunman, Mellish, who is holding people hostage in a house. Crowd of reporters surround Allan with microphones. He states that he has had conference at the peace base in Glenfield. This was attended by Dr. Tom Lonie, the medical superintendent of Moriset Hospital in which Mellish was a patient in 1967. Lonie was invited to Sydney to help in extracting Mellish from the house. Stated that they would wait until he came out rather than force him out in the hope of saving the lives of the hostages.
8.9.61 - Silent - Zengakuren Student Group pickets Soviet embassy in Tokyo, Japan to protest against Russia's resumption of nuclear tests. Crowd outside embassy gate. Japanese police officers. Demonstration with flags. Shoving within the crowd. A small fight. Crowd is moved away from embassy by police.
8.3.62 - Sound - Japan - Long single take of dancing Japanese teenagers doing the twist. Men wear black suits with ties. American pop music playing, Chubby Checker. Japanese lanterns hang from ceiling. Female dancers walk off dance floor. A real example of cultural integration or the homogenisation of the world.

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