Film: 7897

Social History | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


Black civil rights in USA.
2.4.65 - Sound - Camden, Alabama, U.S.A. - Mayor turns back demonstrators. The Mayor of Camden, Reg Albritton, speaks to female black leader of a hundred strong crowd of black demonstrators that have marched from Selma (their intended destination was Montgomery). The black leader explains that they want to go to the courthouse in order to publicise the fact that black people cannot register to vote and that it is within their constitutional rights to do so. The mayor is having none of it and he is able to get them to leave stating that they cannot go 'there like a herd of cattle.'
6.5.65 - Silent - Hayneville, Alabama, USA - Ku Klux Klan murder trial. White man Collie Leroy Wilkins in black suit walking along street. Car stops and four men wearing shirts and sunglasses get out. Two men talking, one produces a revolver (as evidence?). Photographers. The KKK's lawyer, Matt Murphy, (the man with revolver) being interviewed. White men with sunglasses (members of the National States Rights Party) handing copies of their organisation's pro-segregation newspaper. Wilkins is one of three men accused of murdering Viola Liuzzo.
25.2.65 - Sound - Selma, Alabama, USA - Student march dispersed. Numerous black students in front of Selma's courthouse. Black students marching along path. Photographers and police in road. Motorcycle policemen walking alongside marchers. People in the march clapping. Black people standing and singing. Wilson Baker, Selma's Public Safety Director, reasons with the marchers. The marchers singing. The demonstration on its knees praying and then walking away. (The sound is not very clear.)
5.2.65 - Sound - Selma, Alabama, USA - C. T. Vivien, one of Martin Luther King's assistants, approaches Selma's courthouse. Sheriff Jem Clark, in helmet and carrying baton, is there to meet him and pulls him away from its entrance. Vivien claims that Clark is preventing seventy black people from registering to vote. Clark states that Vivien is not from Selma and is therefore not part of the debate. Vivien stresses the fact that he is speaking on behalf of the seventy. Eventually the black people are marched into the courthouse, under arrest. Congressmen of Alabama and the Northern States getting out of parked cars. They are concerned that Selma will become a national issue.
23.2.65 - Silent - Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Restaurant formerly owned by ardent segregationist Lester Maddox, reopens under new management and serves black man. Black man enters restaurant. Seconds later he is seen leaving the restaurant, he stands in middle of road and lights cigar. (Very dark, difficult to make out images.)
24.2.65 - Sound - Queues outside the Unity Funeral Home in New York, USA where Malcolm X's body is displayed. Policemen on rooftops. Medium shots of queues. Policeman coming out of the funeral home's entrance. Black woman interviewed, 'This is not the end of it, this is the beginning.'
9.3.65 - Sound - Selma, Alabama, USA - Man walking with briefcase that has 'One Man One Vote' written on its side. Crowd of black people being addressed by black man. He speaks of Marching to Montgomery and having a conference with Mr Wallace (the Governor of Alabama). Black men walking down street. White men smoking, wearing helmets and carrying batons. Policeman carrying gas mask.
10.8.65 - Silent - Americus, Georgia, USA - Ku Klux Klan parade: white men in white hoods. The parade kneels to pray. Women of the KKK. Black men looking on. Group of people outside church which they are attempting to integrate. Police arrest some of the people, they are led away to the awaiting police cars.

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