Film: 7898

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Civil rights in the USA 1960's
14.1.65 - Silent - Dope sheet available - Civil Rights jury ends hearing. U.S. street scene. Men in suits carrying large boxes of files into court house. Man filming with hand held camera. Male witnesses coming out of elevator and leaving building. W.H. Pettis, identified as the driver of the bulldozer used in the earthen dam where the bodies of three civil rights workers were found, flicks cigarette at cameraman. Laughing photographer with camera damaged by Pettis.
22.3.65 - Sound - Dope sheet available - Forty pickets arrested outside the Capitol building in Montgomery, Alabama, U.S.A.. Black people marching along roadside. Police with helmets and batons bar the marcher's way. A black leader asks to be let through. Brief clash between demonstrator and policeman. Black demonstrators running across a road. Black people walking away holding placards. Arrested demonstrators being bundled into police van.
30.9.65 - Sound - Dope sheet available - black school bus dispute in Crawfordville, Georgia, U.S.A.. State trooper with back to camera, in background a black boy is taking photographs. A group of white adults. A school bus draws up with policeman in foreground. A crowd of black people congregate around the rear of the bus. A scuffle breaks out. A white man is restrained by police. White students board bus, the black students are barred from boarding as they are not registered at the school in Warren County. Black students walking. In nearby Warrenton a white man tries to get into a black person's car. There is a scuffle (not very clear). Freedom school in Crawfordville, cars parked outside. Black children sitting in hall and writing.
7.10.65 - Sound - Dope sheet available - Natchez, Mississippi, U.S.A.: Police arrest negro demonstrators. Black people singing and clapping. Chief of police warns them that they should disperse or be arrested. Black spokesman standing near to the Chief claims that they have a right to protest in this way. A cry goes up from the crowd which is out of shot. Black people filing into police van while singing. Black crowds being herded. A policeman draws his revolver from his holster.
9.11.65 - Sound - Dope sheet available - Austin, Texas, U.S.A.: Ku Klux Klan marchers heckled. Members of the KKK donning their white robes and pointed hats. The KKK parading with the flag of the stars and stripes being carried at its head. Close-up of KKK member wearing the uniform plus sunglasses (and cigar). Lots of good shots of the KKK marching. KKK leader, Exalted Cyclops Royce McPhail, attempts to read speech stating that anyone who is against them must be a Communist and against America. White students of the University of Texas start jeering and chanting so he is unable to continue.
3.12.65 - Silent - Dope sheet available - Klan trial goes to jury in Montgomery, Alabama, U.S.A.. The jury and others (the majority are white men) arrive at court.
4.12.65 - Sound - Dope sheet available - Montgomery, Alabama, U.S.A.: Klansman convicted. Shots of the three members of the KKK convicted of criminal conspiracy.
30.7.67 - Sound - President Jonson speaks on race riots and the commission that has been established to guide the government's hand in dealing with these matters.
30.7.67 - Silent - The Racial Commission. Important men of the U.S.A. meet around a large table.
15.6.67 - Sound - Negroes and city officials meet to try and sort the whole goddam thing out in Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.. Policemen standing next to police car watching black people in road. Interior of hall filled with black people. A white man speaks assuring his audience that the outcome of the trial will be the right one (trial not specified). Black man asks question (unclear). White man states that shooting in the air can cause death, crowd applauds. White man talks of the negro being protected just as much as the white man. He assures the blacks that any police brutality will be dealt with.
15.6.67 - Sound - Stokey Carmichael in Prattville, Alabama, U.S.A.. Alabama State sign. Black man behind barred windows (prison). Soldier with rifle, prisoner in background. Carmichael in a car. Carmichael in meeting (wearing sunglasses): 'We will call for full retaliation from the black community across America. Tampa has started already.'

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