Film: 7900

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


News Footage except where indicated.
13.10.64 - Silent - (Sovietfilm Footage) Reaction to success of Cosmonauts. Group of people moving away from the camera in Red Square, Moscow, U.S.S.R. now Russia People walking in Red Square. Large clock: 11:45. Medium close-up of people waiting. Shots of public announcement system (funnel-like speakers) on roof. Small children in crowd. The crowd clapping and cheering (presumably response to announcement about the success of the Cosmonauts). A Russian in cap and overcoat interviewed. Woman in scarf holding baby. People holding posters up for the camera depicting images of the cosmonauts. Crowd marching holding aloft posters. Russians looking jubilant.
16.10.64 - Silent - Cosmonauts arrive in Moscow, U.S.S.R.. Passenger aeroplane taxiing on airport landing strip / runway. Three men (cosmonauts) emerge from the aircraft and descend steps. On tarmac they hug each other. They are welcomed by a Russian army officer and walk away from the aircraft. The three men smiling in a room. Russian official reading prepared speech. The astronauts at a table next to speaker. Official completes speech, applause. Official shakes the men's hands. Outside they meet the public. A car drives away. Ascending steps up to another aircraft (they are now carrying bunches of flowers). At the plane's entrance the three of them smile and wave). (Badly edited material).
14.4.67 - Sound - Congressional Hearing in Washington D.C., U.S.A. concerning fire on Apollo Space Craft. Medium shot of Dr. Robert Seaman, Deputy Director of NASA, claiming that it was the fault of a company called North American. Shot of Major General S. C. Phillips, Apollo Program Director, confirming that a year ago North American's management had been put on probation.
24.12.68 - Sound - Very bad shots of moon while the Apollo 8 astronauts describe, from their space craft, the colour of the moon. Their voices are heard in voice-over and are very crackly evoking the spirit of 1960s space travel.
6.6.65 - Sound - Gemini Press Conference in Houston, Texas, U.S.A.. Two men sitting behind desk in a typical press conference speaking of the astronauts Ed White and Jim McDivett (?) in the Gemini Space Craft and their extended stay in space. The second man, who speaks with an English accent, concentrates on the quality of the space craft.

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