Film: 7901

Politics | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


26.9.60 - Sound - Fidel Castro United Nation Speech - Interior of the United Nations Building in New York. Kruschev from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) now Russia rubs his eyes (he has country of origin plaque on the desk at which he sits). Castro speaking to the U.N. (he has big bushy beard). Speech is silent but simultaneously relayed by translator into English. U.S. representative (bald and wearing glasses) to the U.N. looking bored with his chin resting in his hand. Castro claims that he was humiliated when he visited New York. Ghanaian representatives. Good shots of Castro, the President of Cuba, in full swing. Translated speech runs: 'Perhaps, as I said, none of you when arriving in this city of New York, has had to undergo such physically humiliating treatment as that which was meted out to the President of the Cuban delegation. I'm not trying to rouse anyone in this Assembly - I'm merely stating the truth. It was time that we take the floor and that we speak. Much has been said about us. For many days we have been the bone of contention. The newspapers have referred to us, and we tell our people we cannot defend ourselves against attack in this country. Our day - to tell the truth has dawned, and therefore we will speak.'
8.4.61 - Sound - New York, U.S.A.. Anti Castro leader, Manuel Rey, claims that revolution in Cuba will come from within. Interviewer asks how important build up against Castro in Central America is. Rey states that the biggest threat to Castro are underground movements within Cuba. Exiles will help from the outside.
20.4.61 - Sound - Washington DC, U.S.A.. John F. Kennedy, the President of U.S.A., gives news conference from rostrum. States that U.S. restraint is not inexhaustible. Break. Refers to rumour that rebels in Cuba were mercenaries. Attempts to quash this by stating that rebel leader refused to leave Cuba, not the actions of a mercenary.
19.4.61 - Sound - Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.. American Gis volunteering to assist in the revolution in Cuba whose aim is to topple Castro are stranded in Chicago. Group of men standing outside airport, all wear casual clothes. Various shots of the individuals that make up group. Spokesman speaks to interviewer who has hand in trouser pocket. States that the group got together through media and acquaintances and that they are now heading for Miami. Interviewer asks if he concerned about U.S. citizens going to Cuba. States that he feels that U.S. has interest in Cuba because of its proximity.
21.4.61 - Sound - Washington DC, U.S.A. - John F. Kennedy, President of U.S.A., gives news conference. An auditorium full of seated men. A man walks down aisle and camera follows. Kennedy speaks at rostrum in front of seal of the President and flags. He tells press that it would not aid the national purpose to further comment on Cuba. Journalist asks why it would not be beneficial to discuss U.S.' motivations behind the actions being taken. Kennedy replies that one has to decide what can be said that would aid the U.S.. (Nice shots of J.F.K.)
22.4.61 - Sound - Adlai Stevenson speaks before the United Nations political committee. Claims that Communist penetration into Western hemisphere has been proved dangerously strong and deep by the Bay of Pigs. He hopes that the events in Cuba will mobilise a renewed determination in U.S.. Talks of the importance of freedom and political democracy and its development in order to make the sacrifices (deaths) in Cuba worthwhile. Talks of the lessons that Communism in countries around the world must teach the Western world. Asks if the events in Vietnam can be ignored (the democratic under threat by Communism). Concludes that Communism threatens the freedom of all people.
28.4.61 - Silent - Washington DC, U.S.A.. Anti Castro exiles march in Washington backing Kennedy's stand against Cuba. Marchers in Arlington cemetery. Marchers carrying enormous Cuban flag between them. Marchers at the head of the march carrying American and Cuban flags. Roman Catholic Bishop Hannan addressing the gathered marchers (long shot) in park. Medium shot of Bishop and crowd, pan to crowd. Medium close up of Bishop speaking. Aerial view of enormous Cuban flag being carried by marchers across bridge towards the Lincoln memorial (seen in background). Sign announcing the Lincoln memorial, tilt up to marchers walking up memorial steps. Marchers at the foot of Lincoln's statue. The marchers walking along Washington street. Long shot of marchers outside building. Medium close up of police with marchers in background. Long shot of the marchers circling.
5.5.61 - Sound - Washington DC, U.S.A. - People sitting around a circular table. Secretary of State Dean Rusk talking to man sitting next to him. Female reporter with film camera behind her. Rusk at microphones. Talks about the disaster that occurred today (it is not specified). States that there are positive aspects such as the increased interest in foreign affairs. Back to female reporter.
10.8.61 - Sound - Survivor of the Bay of Pigs invasion tells of their future aims: to release prisoners in Cuba; assist families of those dead or in prison; establish Radio Free Cuba, to inform Cubans of the truth; and work inside Cuba.

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