Film: 7902

Shipping | 1960 | Silent | B/W


Soviet Union now Russa in space

Men in vests and shorts in a large pipe with small portholes. These are Russian aquanauts in their confined, claustrophobic, living quarters fourteen metres under the Black Sea. The 'house' is called 'Chernomor' and is an experimental laboratory of the Oceanology Institute of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. One of the seated men opens the door to a cabinet, closes it, begins to twist knob on electronic machinery (radio?). He continues to adjust the knobs on control panel. A man in spectacles and no shirt lies on a bunk holding a book. Another man, also wearing spectacles speaks to him. They laugh. Both have stubble on their chins and wear shorts. Man in shorts speaking into radio receiver. Another man, in a striped top, receives his radio message on the surface. They exchange a joke and laugh. Surface of the sea. Area marked off by buoys (beneath this lies 'Chernomor'). Structure within this area. Long shot of ship that serves the aquanauts at sea. Man wearing the majority of a wet suit on the ship. He speaks with woman. Puts on diver's belt, flippers then aqua lung. He walks down ladder on the side of the ship into the sea. He disappears from sight as he submerges. He reappears and gives the 'OK' sign. Motor launch at sea, pulls alongside service ship. Man in swimming trunks and jersey jumps from ship onto launch and helps tie the two together. Cannister and items in a small net bag are taken off the launch. The food in the cannisters is tested by a woman. All of these supplies are placed into an airtight urn and lowered to the diver already in the sea. The structure in the marked off area rises and 'Chernomor' surfaces (it is able to do this by itself). A diver stands on the top of the container which is tied behind the ship and towed. At night and under spot light the aquanauts emerge from their tin can in jumpers and short. They wave.

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