Film: 7903

Aviation | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


24.1.68 - Silent - New York, U.S.A. - Early Bird satellite aids sale of theatre tickets round world. Notice board details events occurring in Chicago, Illinois and then similar board for New York. Sign, 'Tickets Sold For Your Attraction Anywhere in the World.' Below this is a drawn globe indicating New York and London with satellite between them. Drawing shows the computer in New York which receives signals from a satellite receiving signals from the computer operator in London. Man stands at machine, woman stands at another. She presses buttons and something print outs at the other machine. She presses a few more keys and printed tickets appear. Early computer.
7.5.68 - Silent - Man and woman in white coats working at laboratory bench with electronic equipment. Close up of woman adjusting knobs. More knobs are adjusted, a piece of equipment is installed in a machine and then lovely images of spreading ice. These are NASA space freeze-meting tests.
13.11.68 - Silent - Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America - Twenty-second international Aeronautic and Space fair. Aerobatic display team in action (Red Arrows?). The public entering an aircraft on display at the fair. A propeller aircraft. A jet fighter seen from the front. A close up of its weapons displayed on ground. Ground to air cannon. Radar van. Models of space rockets and landing pod and astronaut. The crowd looking at these exhibits. The Dornier Flying Boat that made its historic flight across Argentina - various shots. Small plane doing aerobatics. Crowd watching from a river bank. A plane flying directly above (but upside down) another plane.
10.10.68 - Sound - Apollo Seven ready. The three astronauts, in their space suits, posing for the camera. NASA control room. Close up of man on telephone wearing headset consisiting of microphone and headphones. Extreme long shot of Apollo 7. Walther Cunningham, lunar module pilot, in space suit. NASA spokesman sits at desk in control room and outlines Apollo 7's mission: to check certain controls of the space craft. Exterior of the modified space module. Interior of the module. Horizontal seats. Astronauts in position (horizontal) in lunar module. Third astronaut entering module (claustrophobia). The three men getting out of the space craft, under test conditions. Apollo 7 at night under spotlights. The three astronauts posing again.
10.10.68 - Sound - Apollo 7 count down (10 to 3). Rocket in flight (good shots). Suddenly becomes very small. On long range camera get great images of condensation trail and the flames. Hear NASA radio transmissions. Rocket drops rear portion.

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