Film: 7906

Aviation | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


24.4.66 - Silent - Gemini pilots escape training. Men in white coats in control room, some are sitting with headphones on. Television screen with 'T. P. Stafford' printed beneath the screen. On screen quarter of an astronauts helmet can be seen. The door of a space craft's lunar module opening underwater. A bald man in overalls takes a final breath from an oxygen supply then swims out of module and then towards the surface.
17.5.66 - Silent - Story made up of library cuts about Gemini Eight. Astronauts in their space suits get out of van and walk up ramp. They are carrying small boxes to which they are attached by pipes. They are followed by two men wearing NASA overalls. Lift on the side of tower descending (extreme long shot). Elevator with astronauts on board ascending. They reach top of tower and while one of the NASA men hold the doors open the other three exit. Astronauts get into Gemini 8 space craft by lying down and lifting themselves in. Once in men in white coats stand around. Close up of assistant belting astronaut into craft. Close up of astronaut's face through the visor of his helmet.
17.5.66 - Sound - Doctor Charles Berry, astronaut physician on the problem of space walking (medium shot, static camera). Berry states that heart rate of astronaut increases very quickly when outside the space capsule. Talks of planning ahead to solve this problem.
17.5.66 - Sound - Captain Richard Hubell, airline pilot, is interviewed about the disintegration of Gemini 9 (medium shot, static camera). Hubell is on runway with plane in background and wears the peaked hat of a pilot. States he was surprised to see the condensation trail of Gemini Nine in front of the aeroplane that he was flying. Says that the entire crew was startled to see yellow cloud, from which they assumed that the space rocket had exploded.
17.5.66 - Sound - Mueller gives statement at press conference on the failure of Gemini 9. Mueller at desk speaking into microphone. He wears spectacles, suit and behind him are the words 'Kennedy Space...'. States that he will give information as soon as it is available. States that proceeding with alternate mission which will fly as soon as possible.
22.7.66 - Sound - Gemini 10 splashdown (without the actual landing in the sea). Sailors on aircraft carrier silhouetted against sea. Aerial view of aircraft carrier deck. Camera pans left to see 'orange and white 'chute'' of the module returning to earth. Helicopter shot from directly below. Gemini 10 returning to earth. Helicopter landing on aircraft carrier. Rising platform. Astronauts on the deck of the aircraft carrier talking to the NASA Recovery Team Leader (brass band plays in background). Astronaut speaks into microphone, says it is wonderful to be there. The space module in sea with rubber dinghies surrounding it. The landing pod being lifted onto a ship. Close up of the scorch mark created by reentry. Helicopter in flight. A number of cuts from the above sequence (this film was made up of short off-cuts hence its jumbled state).
12.11.66 - Sound - Gemini 12 launched. Astronauts walking up to the elevator that will take them to the top of Gemini Twelve. The elevator ascending. Countdown from 13 to 7 for Gemini 12's lift off. The space rocket after lift off, the roar of its engines can be heard. The last shots are out of focus.

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