Film: 7907

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


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16.3.61 - Sound - Johannesburg, South Africa - People on the street give reactions to South Africa's withdrawal from the British Commonwealth. White man on street talks into microphone stating that Dr. Verwoerd had no option. White woman states that it came as a shock to her and that although South Africa can stand on its own economically it needs the Commonwealth for defence. White man in white coat of a doctor states that it is very bad and that South Africa will suffer for it. Finally, white man with quiff holds microphone and states that South Africa should be accepted into the Commonwealth as a People.
21.8.61 - Silent - United Nations - Tunisia calls on Western Powers to help oust France from their territory. Tunisian delegate, Mongi Slim, walks down aisle at UN. The French chairs are shown to be empty. Slim climbs rostrum to speak. Somebody is ejected from the hall by security.
21.8.61 - Silent - Angola, Africa - Portuguese troops in convoy on Angolan road. Same in jeeps with rifles, others in trucks. Smoke rising from tree tops, an aircraft flies overhead. Smoke rising from the mountain top that the Portuguese are attacking. Portuguese soldiers standing in line, their weapons at the ready. Officer speaking into radio handset. A fighter plane passes overhead. Troops on patrol in tall grass. Casualty having his head bandaged. A tank in the jungle. Soldiers walking in single file through jungle. Soldier with binoculars looking up. At top of mountain Angolan rebels waving flag of surrender.
3.4.68 - Silent - Anniversary of Indian Air Force. An air show in India. Small helicopter landing. High ranking Indian officials walking towards camera on runway (one is wearing the traditional white clothes). A helicopter disguised as an elephant taking off. More officials. Low flying plane in long shot fires rockets, explosions on the ground. Plane passes, bombs dropped, more explosions. Officials laugh. Rockets fired from plane in flight. Child walking with fingers in ears. Girl wearing head scarf, boy with drinking straw. In extreme long shot numerous parachutist descending from aeroplanes, they fill the sky.
8 & 9.4.61 - Silent - Moscow, Russia - Russian Orthodox Church celebrate Easter. Long shot of Upensky Cathedral in Moscow, people outside cathedral's entrance. Woman carrying Russian Easter cake, Kulich. Priest blessing the cakes. He wears large beard, spectacles, crucifix. Women leaving the cathedral. Women at the long tables that are on either side of the priest. He passes down the other side with a bowl and brush with which he flicks water on the cakes and light cheese (Pashka). A younger priest. Long shot of Troitsky-Sergeevsky Cathedral and Monastery. People entering the cathedral by large arch. Three women sitting on bench in scarves and over coats. Snow lies on the ground. One of them crosses herself.
7.11.66 - Silent - Moscow, Russia - Anniversary of the Revolution. Red flag flying (in black and white). Aerial view of Red Square in Moscow. Crowds in Red Square. Russian sailors on parade, officers in uniform, soldiers in rows. Russians clapping. Clock: 11am. Officers standing and saluting the back of two separate cars that approach each other and stop in front to the troops on parade. The officers acknowledge each other, the cars drive off slowly. Public taking photographs. Soldiers and sailors standing to attention. Officers standing. Trumpeters blowing. An army officer speaks at a rostrum. Two people in furry hats in the crowd looking very serious. The march past by the Russian army. Khrushchev. Black people in crowd. More march past in medium shot. Aerial long shot of march past. Armoured vehicles drive past in formation in long shot. Rocket launchers in medium shot, tanks. Black man in spectacles and furry hat observes. Enormous rockets on launchers. An Indian officer in uniform. Even larger rockets on launchers. The rockets get even larger, they are now on launchers with track. Woman in spectacles with enormous hat scratches her face with a gloved finger. Rockets are now so big that they are being towed, the largest are on articulated lorries. Flag with Lenin's face on it. Formation flag carrying. Formation marching. An official carnival in Red Square. Women with hoops. A human star. People applauding and taking photographs. Old man clapping. People with banners marching. Children are included. People carrying branches over their heads. People with hammer and sickle banners. More people marching.

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