Film: 7908

Personalities | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Reactions to the death of the leader of the Civil Rights Movement in America.
4.5.68 - Sound - Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. - Service to Martin Luther King. Long shot of Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) at rostrum in front of audience seated at tables in the Cleveland City Club. Newsreader (voice over) speaks of RFK speaking of John F. Kennedy's death at the hands of a white man. People sitting at tables. Black man in suit at table. Close up of RFK's wife. Close up of RFK at rostrum with microphone in foreground. He speaks of those looking for scapegoats and conspiracy but he states that violence breeds violence, repression breeds retaliation and only a cleansing of society can remove this sickness from our souls.
5.4.68 - Sound - Stokely Carmichael warns of retaliation after the death of King. Carmichael standing at table on dais before seated journalists. All present have their heads bowed, praying for King. White photographer standing next to black man taking pictures. Carmichael, in sunglasses, white shirt and casual jacket talks of white America being able to justify deaths of Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X because they were extremists. However, King's death cannot be justified as he was the only one teaching the black man to love the white man. So, when white America killed King he declared war on the black man. He calls for black people to retaliate for the death of their leaders. States that there is no need for intellectual discussion now because when white America killed King they lost.
4.5.68 - Sound - Carnegie Hall, New York, U.S.A. - white Robert Moseley speaks at Carnegie Hall where a service is held for King on the night of his death. Moseley states, 'My name is Robert Moseley, the producer of this show. At 7.10 this evening Martin Luther King was shot in Tennessee. This was to be a gala occasion for (sound poor - indicates two people) appearing in Carnegie Hall. Martin Luther King twenty minutes ago died.' There is a gasp from the audience. People in the audience look stunned. Moseley asks white Reverend John Grenville (?) to lead prayer for King. Grenville speaks into microphone, 'Long live King under the King of love.' White women with their heads bowed. Black women wiping tears from eye. Band plays gospel standard, choir singing.
4.5.68 - Sound - New York, U.S.A. - Rally. Crowd of youths. Focus on banner, 'Protest King's Death' with a drawing of King in the corner. Crowd chanting 'Martin Luther King'. Dr. Spock speaking to the crowd, states that King stood for militancy. Money being passed forward from hand to hand over the heads of the crowd. Spock finally states 'no man can fill Dr. King's shoes.'
5.4.68 - Sound -New York, U.S.A.. Mayor Lindsay urges people to not resort to violence. Long shot of Mayor sitting at desk speaking. Quotes King: Can only fight hate with love and thereby close gaps in the communities. Calls for New York citizens to conduct themselves peacefully. States that he has spoken to the various churches so that people may pray. Concludes by stating that Dr. King's funeral will be a formal day of mourning in New York.

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