Film: 7909

Personalities | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


An aspect of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s.
23.6.66 - Sound - Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.A.. Martin Luther King, interviewed while sitting in the passenger seat of a car, comments on the decision made by a Federal District Judge in Jackson to not offer protection to blacks during a rally in Philadelphia. When asked if he can guarantee non-violent retaliation he states that he can make no guarantees but he will do everything he can. Mayor of Philadelphia, Clayton Lewis, making statement in radio station for broadcast. He appeals for calm and states that law officers are there to protect all involved.
1968 - Sound - Memphis, Tennessee - Martin Luther King steps up to podium with microphones to rapturous applause. Pans to aides applauding. He begins speech stating that if he lived in a totalitarian regime he could understand the imposition of illegal injunctions and the denial of the First Amendment privileges. 'Some where I read that the greatness of America is the right to protest for Rights.' Goes on (after cuts) to say that America should be true to what it says on paper. More applause. A brilliant speech, a good example of his oratory.
1968 - Sound - Black men walking along pavement in a long line with large gaps in between each man. They wear sandwich boards that proclaim 'I AM A MAN'. Close up of the statement. One of the men passing a stationary police car. He then crosses road. Unlit neon sign.
1968 - Sound - Memphis, Tennessee - King and entourage shake hands with two white men, one shows his identification. This man then takes a pile of papers from the other and explains that they are restraining orders and that each person on a list will be given one, he then begins to hand them out. There is general confusion when the papers begin to go to the wrong people.
1968 - Sound - Memphis, Tennessee - Dr. King receives restraining order for April march speech. White man in spectacles hands out pieces of paper to black church leaders (including King and Abernathy) after calling out their names.
1968 - Sound - Memphis, Tennessee - King stands at rostrum with microphones. Applauding audience. King begins speech. Talks of difficult days ahead but claims that this does not matter now because he has 'been to the mountain top' and 'seen the Promised Land.' Says he might not get there with them but they will get there. He says he is not worried about anything nor fears any man because his eyes have seen the glory.
1968 - Silent - Memphis Tennessee - King's coffin is pushed on to aeroplane bound for Atlanta, Georgia. Policeman in helmet stands in foreground. Close up of tearful black woman's face. Woman in spectacles wipes tears from her eyes with handkerchief. The coffin going into the plane. Long shot of the aircraft.
Silent - people interviewed on the runway, hand held microphone in shot.
Sound - New York, U.S.A. - American flag flying at half mast, skyscraper in the background. Pans down. Interior of Wall Street stock market (?). Close up of digital clock on wall: 10.59. A minutes silence at 11.00 in honour of Martin Luther King. A bell rings at 11.01 and the traders continue their noisy business.
1968 - Sound - New York, U.S.A. - Governor Rockefeller with numerous microphones. States that everyone this morning has a heavy heart. Fact that violence has struck down man who was committed to values on which America was founded by non-violent means is 'a sad and tragic situation indeed.' Compares death of King to that of John F. Kennedy, the American people were stunned then and are stunned today. There will be a positive reaction. Hopes that everyone will rededicate themselves to positive legislation.

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