Film: 7910

Social History | 1960 | Sound | B/W + Colour


A film that includes elements of the Civil Rights Movement during the 1960s.
10.8.68 - B/W - Berkeley, California - Eldridge Cleaver, leader of the Black Panthers, begins a series of lectures at the University of California. Ruled that Cleaver would be given a room to make the lectures but the students who attended them would not receive a credit. The university campus with students in the open air. Student leader, Ed Flyn, speaks about the course on racism at the college and the question of credits. Dane Kemnitzer, another student leader (with moustache and spectacles) says that students are angry about the college's inertia on the question of credit. Good looking male student states that Cleaver should be allowed to give lectures on the campus.
10.8.68 - Colour - Berkeley, California - The Cleaver lecture. Shots of the campus (long haired student). Exterior of Dwinelle Hall where Cleaver is to speak. (Press barred from the lecture.) Students exiting hall after lecture. Students being interviewed [sound is not synchronised here]. Cleaver in sunglasses leaving the hall and then being interviewed outside. Cleaver states that he enjoyed giving the lecture, that he will come back if invited, that the sun is still shining even though he made an appearance at the university. Crowd of students (rear view).
10.9.68 - B/W - Ocean-Hill Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York - Dispute between teachers and residents continues as teachers threaten to strike if teachers are not reinstated. Police standing on flat roof looking down, American flag to left. Rear view of police in uniform at edge of a predominantly black crowd. School children filing into school (Junior High School 271). Police on steps of school as children go in. Police Chief with megaphone talks to crowd. Crowd of black people on street corner. Scuffles between black people and police. Crowd surges, photographers. Riot police. White man with large crucifix hanging from his neck does Nazi salute and shouts 'Zeig Heil'. Black woman shouts at a black policeman saying 'Why won't you protect me.' Black officials from the local governing board talk to police. People being pushed into police van. Police carrying an unconscious black man through crowd. Black man being bundled into police wagon after its doors have been opened.
12.11.68 - B/W - Swan Quarter, North Carolina - 150 singing black people clapping outside courthouse demonstrating against an unfair desegregation plan. They begin to chant, punching the air. Then singing again. The black demonstrators passing the entrance to the jail where two helmeted policeman stand. Smoke issuing from first floor window where eighteen youngsters are staging a sit-in. Demonstrators running along street. Student escaping the smoke, sits on window sill, crowd gathered at ground level. Injured jumper being put into ambulance. Black demonstrators standing at the entrance to the courthouse where door had been opened to let students out. Rear view of police looking at black people, they hold their batons across the top of their legs. Students at door. Crowd singing in long shot. Black woman shouting in street.
1.9.66 - B/W - Atlanta, Georgia - "negro" radio station mixes music with race drama. Fast speaking black disc jockey, Shelly the Playboy, plays Percy Sledge in radio studio. DJ inserting prerecorded tape into tape machine. Tape of black people acting out family situations in order to help families overcome their difficulties. VU indicator. CBS news reporter, John Lawrence, outside room from which DJ is broadcasting on WAOK, the most popular black station in Atlanta. The DJ at work. Atlanta street, the black community. Tracking shot of people on pavement. Coca Cola signs, black pedestrians, a cinema showing Marlon Brando in The Chase. A psychodrama session from which the tapes are made. Black actors sitting in garden shouting at each other. Doctor Jerry Berlin, the white Director of the Human Development Institute, interviewed. States that young blacks have rejected their elders and have nowhere to go. Hopes that playing tapes will give them an identity. Back to studio, VU indicator, tracking shot of Atlanta street. Lawrence in car. DJ.

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