Film: 7913

Railways | 1960 | Silent + Sound | B/W


Constructed from fragments of film (rushes) hence the occasional short piece of spacer.
The electrification of the railway route between London and Manchester in England.
Sound - Mag Stripe - Brief shot of the interior of a train carriage somewhere between Manchester and London. Youngish man (interviewer) in jacket and tie talking while seated on moving train. He speaks of advertising campaign (poor quality sound). He asks questions (about British Rail's outlay on electrification, the cleanliness of the trains and what the customer sees). Interviewer gives statistics on what British Rail has spent. States that London to Liverpool is most heavily used line in the world. BR hope to cover this at an average speed of 73mph. Two airlines stand to suffer: BEA and British Eagle. Goes on to mention the harsh advertising campaigns initiated by the parties concerned. Bill Johnson, Chief of London-Midland Region, sits opposite interviewer on train and is asked if this is the state-of-the-art in travel. Cuts to another question about whether or not BR expect to get a return on the money spent so far. He replies that £175 million was not just spent on electrification, it includes other things. States that they expect to get return because running costs will be reduced and will get more passengers. Question about cleanliness. Replies that staff have been on a series of courses and cleaning units have been installed. The countryside shot from the moving train. Tracks from same.
Silent - Train driver in cabin. From the point-of-view of the driver: passing through a station. Closer shot of portly driver. Shots from driver's cabin: tracks, trains pass in opposite direction. Very jerky, images fade in and out. Exiting tunnel. More tracks, tunnel. Train driver with his co-driver. Pulling into station (Manchester?).

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