Film: 7914

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


Latin AMERICAN NEWS REELS ( 1968 Mexico; 1966 Argentina; 1961 Uruguay)

9.10.68 - Silent - Mexico - Students speak to press from prison (the reason is unclear). Possibly members of the National Strike Committee. Two men standing and talking while surrounded by a crowd of suited males (the Press). Close up of one of the men: old, balding, spectacles. Another long shot: journalists with their writing pads at the ready. People rush towards camera from a dark corridor. The last man is carrying bags on shoulder. The talking men surrounded by lots of other men. Two men sitting behind counter while the press and television squeeze up against the counter to get best view. Close up of one of the seated men: young, wears spectacles (one of the students). His head is lowered and he is reading from a prepared statement. Medium shot of same viewed from front (shot includes outstretched arms of press holding microphones and the man sitting next to him has his arms crossed). Another angle of same but student is obscured by the backs of press. Camera moves in to look over shoulders. The press holding up lamps to illuminate scene. Pan to student. Rear view of soldier wearing helmet. Soldier with rifle over shoulder. Camera works its way through crowd. Men kneeling on floor at the feet of the student while holding microphones out. More shots of press. One of the journalists asks a question, the student responds. Soldiers' faces (very dark). Soldiers in background, back of soldier's head, soldier with rifle. Cameraman filming. Rear view of two soldiers standing behind the gathered press. The student leaves the room, stands by wall while speaking to his advisor, a soldier stands close by, a soldier points, the student moves in that direction, goes through swing doors followed by soldiers. Another student is led in and sits in the same place as last. Student takes out pack of cigarettes from shirt pocket, he is given papers by man sitting next to him, he puts cigarette in mouth. Student speaks (medium profile shot) and then medium close up. He walks away, goes through swing doors followed by others.

30.7.66 - Silent - Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America - Students and professors refuse to sign loyalty oath to Minister of Education and are subsequently arrested by an armed federal force which breaks into university. Soldiers with enormous sticks / batons at university entrance. Using a ladder as a battering ram, it gets stuck in door. Police enter university. Line of troops at foot of stairs. Using the ladder as battering ram again. Door panel collapses. Police enter. Police organising things at entrance. One student is led away to an awaiting bus in which he sits. He wears spectacles and rain coat. Blood is all over his face and shirt. A line of students leaving the building with hands on their heads or their hands raised.

5.8.61 - Sound - Punta Del Este, Uruguay, South America - President Kennedy's message offering billions of dollars in aid to Latin American countries is read to Inter-American Conference. Large hall, flags along one of the walls, delegates seated in rows. Two men speaking to each other at a table. Cuban delegates (including Che Guevara) chatting. The message being read out. Camera pulls back and reveals main table. The message claims that the offer of this money is the first in a continuing and expanding effort to help build a better life for the people of the hemisphere (static camera for the majority of this single shot). Round of applause. Focuses on the delegates from Latin American countries including El Salvador, Ecuador and Chile.

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