Film: 7915

War + Military | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


2.11.61 - Silent - Washington DC, U.S.A. - Pan down the Washington Monument. At its base crowd gathered. In foreground is a car with sign on its roof: 'Women Strike For Peace'. An anti-Vietnam war demonstration by women. People seated at the foot of the monument. Close ups of old women. Women queue to sign petition. Close up of signing. Man speaking into microphone. Women gathering. Man organising the women who walk forward from main crowd. Some of the women hold hands of their children.
7.2.66 - Silent - New York, U.S.A. - Pan down U.S. Mission to the United Nation. Outside entrance there is an anti-Vietnam war demonstration (reaction to President Johnson's resumption of bombing). Two people holding banner: 'Trade Unions For Peace'. In background another banner: 'Bring The Gis Home Now'. Better view of crowd, one holds placard: 'Vietnamese Children Deserve To Live' another: 'Stop The War in Vietnam Now'. Long shot of building. Small number of pro-Vietnam war demonstrators in Union Square walk in circle holding banners; 'Victory in Vietnam'. A large pro-war demo in same. Banners: 'Better Dead Than Red', 'Bomb Hanoi', 'Green Point Brooklyn Supports Our Boys'.
14.4.66 - Sound - Berkeley, California, U.S.A. - Police clash with anti-Vietnam war demonstrators at night. Placards and banners: 'Stop U.S. Imperialism', 'Withdraw U.S. Troops'. Demonstrators fight with police. Police pushing crowd back (high tilt shot). More fighting.
17.5.66 - Silent - Washington DC, U.S.A. - Peace marchers parade around the White House. Policeman's back with demonstrators passing in front of him (all very peaceful). Banner: 'Re-Leash McNamara', 'Escalation Breeds Escalation', 'We Are Succumbing to the Arrogance of Power'. Demonstrators are both old and young. Black policeman stands at side of road watching demonstration. Banner: 'Get Out of Vietnam'. Woman putting card into large container, white pillar with 'Cast Peace Pledges Here' written on its side. More cards being put into container. The Washington Monument, pan down to enormous crowd at base (a peace meeting).
24.10.67 - Sound - Ottawa and Montreal, Canada - Anti-Vietnam Demo. Marchers walking away and past camera. Pan past marchers. Old women carrying banner 'Withdraw U.S. Troops Now'. Head of march, police on motorbikes, banner: 'Ottawa Committee to End the War in Vietnam'. Pro-Vietnam demo. Banner: 'Win the War in Vietnam Now', it is turned revealing another slogan: 'Stop Communist Aggression Now'. Camera tilts up to young man wearing tie and rain coat holding a banner and in the background woman sticking two fingers up at anti-war marchers. Aerial view of anti-war demo with loads of placards and banners. Flame of the Unknown Soldier. Now in Montreal where there is another anti-war demo. Banner held by Americans who came to Canada to avoid serving in the armed forces: 'Americans in Exile'. A marcher, wearing sunglasses (its raining), shouts in French. The U.S. Consulate in Montreal. The demo outside the Consulate. The marchers chanting. Placard: 'Some Get Rich By War Others Get Killed'. A sea of banners. White man holds banner 'U.S. Fascism Kills Blacks in the Ghettos and in Vietnam'. Placards in French: 'Vietnam Libre'. More chanting in French.
29.8.68 - Silent - Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. - Police battle with anti-Vietnam protestors. Predominantly black crowd swaying. Pan past police to police chief speaking through megaphone. The heads of the crowd. Police chief holding megaphone. Police arresting black man whose hands are handcuffed behind his back. Another black man being pushed by police to van. Black leader getting the crowd to punch the air while chanting.
24.10.67 - Sound - New York and Newark, U.S.A. - Pro-Vietnam War demonstration. New York - Man speaking to large crowd. Vendor selling American flags. Old man holding placard: 'Cong Burn Better Than Flags'. Another: 'Bomb Berkeley'. Woman speaking to crowd. Children in crowd. Newark parade. Marching band playing along crowd lined street. Car behind band with sign: 'We Support Our Boys in Vietnam'.

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