Film: 7916

Politics | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


12.2.66 - Sound - Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. - Pro-Vietnam War rally addressed by Secretary of State Dean Rusk. Pan stadium seats. Crowd with American flags. Demonstration against the rally outside the stadium in the rain, holding up banners; 'End the War Now' (unclear). Fight, man restrained by police after attacking woman marcher and breaking her banner. Crowd in stadium applauding. Rusk speaking in close up. States that he saw a sign outside the stadium appealing for peace in Vietnam. Claims that he has been attempting to achieve this for some time. Pan applauding crowd.
30.6.66 - Sound - McNamara stands in front of map of Vietnam at news conference. States that government consider termination of operations in South Vietnam and a willingness to engage in unconditional discussions of great importance. States the bombing attacks that morning were in line with policy of restraint.
30.6.66 - Sound - Washington DC, U.S.A. - Comments from Congressmen on Vietnam bombing. Senator Frank Church states that bombing is merely a larger dose of the same medicine that has thus far failed to secure peace. Senator Wayne Morse states that one cannot conduct a war in this way without writing a sordid chapter in American history. Senator Edward M. Kennedy states that the administration must now indicate that the bombing will bring an earlier end to the war. Southern Senator (unnamed) states that the bombing should have happened long ago and that the American people will welcome it.
18.11.66 - Sound - Washington DC, U.S.A. - Dean Rusk states in a news conference that a Christmas truce is up to South Vietnam and the Vietcong.
3.2.68 - Sound - Washington DC, U.S.A. - President Johnson standing and then sitting in front of reporters at news conference. States that administration has known for some time that Vietcong planned a massive spring offensive. Had detailed information on Ho Chi Minh's objectives: overthrow government in Saigon; force U.S. to accept Communist led coalition; attack on South Vietnam. Film cameras. Johnson claims that the uprising has occurred but the aims have not been achieved. U.S. expecting offensive to occur in near future so ensuring military have all that they need.
3.2.68 - Washington DC, U.S.A. - The White House. President Johnson standing holding scroll. The gathered press. President talks of civilian casualties and loss of services (after the Vietcong's Tet Offensive). States that he is in contact with people in Vietnam who have assured him that everything possible is being done to restore services in all cities.
3.2.68 - Sound - Vietnam - General Westmoreland in uniform stands in front of map of Vietnam for news conference. He describes the Vietcong as treacherous and deceitful because they did not observe the cease fire that had been established for the Tet holidays.
15.2.68 - Sound - Washington DC, U.S.A. - Rusk at rostrum states that Hanoi knew that the possibility of finding a peaceful settlement was being discussed and that the U.S. bombing had been reduced. Even so they launch the Tet Offensive bringing war to the cities of South Vietnam. He suggests that this action places a question mark over North Vietnam's willingness to find peace. States that U.S. commitment to peace is as strong as ever and is ready for peace talks when Hanoi is.
19.2.68 - Silent - Fort Bragg - Galaxy aircraft with 'U.S. Airforce' written on fuselage on runway. U.S. troops stand alongside it. Line of soldiers getting on to plane. President Johnson shakes each man's hand as he gets on. Various shots. Close up of black soldier's face.

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