Film: 7917

Politics | 1960 | Sound | B/W


19.2.68 - Saigon, South Vietnam - U.S. Ambassador, Ellsworth Bunker, comments on Vietcong Tet Offensive. States that because of the holiday security had been relaxed; that the VC observed cease fires during previous Tet holidays; that the VC had taken advantage of the holiday by infiltrating cities disguised as holiday makers. Interviewer asks if there had been no warning of the offensive. Bunker states that it was generally known that trouble would begin around this time but that is all. Peter Kalischer of CBS pushes the point and Bunker explains that there are VC infrastructures in towns and that they move easily about the country hence the element of surprise.
3.4.68 - Wisconsin, U.S.A. - McCarthy's reaction to peace move. McCarthy interviewed in corridor. States that this is the most promising move to date and wants the administration to respond as soon as possible. Interviewer asks if events like this will effect his campaign plan. Responds by talking about militarisation of foreign policy and the fact that his campaign is not just about Vietnam.
3.4.68 - Washington DC, U.S.A. - Senator J.W. Fulbright comments on the bombing pause over Vietnam. He talks of the persuasive nature of the President's drive for peace. However, he describes the new move as an insignificant change and no powerful inducement to the convening of a conference.
Phil G Goulding, Assistant Secretary of Defence, talks of the pan handle of Vietnam through which enemy troops and supplies flow. States that bombing since Sunday has been aimed at the southern most areas of the pan handle.
3.4.68 - Washington DC, U.S.A. - Senator Fulbright (critic of the Vietnam War) comment on Hanoi's move to talk. States that administration should agree to meet as soon as practicable. Major break through? Does not wish to go too far but it is favourable.
20.5.68 - Richard Nixon speaks to people seated at tables. Looking over man's shoulder who is drawn caricature of Nixon. Camera tilts up to Nixon speaking. Another cartoonist drawing Nixon, Nixon at rostrum speaking. States that he supported alliances with small nations which committed U.S. to protecting those nations (he is for the war).
28.8.68 - Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. - Anti-Vietnam plan voted down by Democrats, Democrats Convention. Tall signs with names of states from which the delegates originate: 'Florida', 'Pennsylvania', 'New York'. Albert announces failure of minority vote to include an anti-Vietnam stance in their policies. Men walking in file around the hall. Man holding up poster 'Stop the War'. 28.8.68 - Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. - Democratic Party Conference. Senator Pierre Salinger speaks stating that the motion to oppose the war will confirm the party's courage to admit mistakes and move towards peace in Vietnam. Cheers. Continues stating that this will not be easy but it will help the Democrats win in November. Demonstration on floor of conference chanting 'Stop the war'.

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