Film: 7920

War + Military | 1960 | Silent | B/W


All people mentioned in this piece of film about bomb shelters in Laos are of South Asian origin 1960's

People walk past house with frontage on which car is parked. Close up of the rear with French flag next to registration plate. Pile of rubble behind high screen. This is the roof of a bomb shelter. Entrance to the shelter lined with logs. Interior of shelter: dark low room lined with wood. Exterior of shelter with logs and rubble, palm trees in background. Laotian man with beret entering shelter. Steps down, inside he looks at wall. Exterior, same man looking at rubble that makes the roof of the shelter. Another shelter: pile of earth in front of a house. Same man descends into shelter which is essentially a slim trench. Close view of the same. Man sitting beneath the pile of earth in a very thin corridor. Children sitting on steps that lead up to house on stilts. Medium shot of same. Beneath house there is a slit trench with planks over it. Pile of rubble that is another shelter, entrance has raised cover. Long shot of Laotian housing estate. Ditch running along front of houses. Children playing outside shacks in long shot. Same in medium shot. Children playing outside another shelter, they look down into entrance. Children pose for camera as man puts his beret on one of the kids. Another pose, camera pans away. Another shelter, children stand on the earth roof. Another shelter which children crowd around. Crowd of Laotians: Woman holds baby, man crouches with children, lots of smiling. Medium shot of the crouching children playing cards, one deals. Another shelter.

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