Film: 7922

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Vietnam War 1960's

13.4.66 - Tansonnhut Airbase, Saigon, South Vietnam - Viet Cong guerrillas attack airbase three miles from Saigon. Black smoke belching into sky. More smoke, water from hoses crossing (long shot). Damaged tail of large aeroplane, cargo hold of same. General view of damage to airbase caused by Viet Cong (difficult to ascertain what is being shown). Damaged aircraft. Propeller aircraft with cockpit sheared off, pan to cockpit lying on runway. General Westmoreland, in medium close up. He states it is difficult to defend against this kinds of attack but they will be considering strengthening their defences.
15.12.66 - Sound - Saigon, South Vietnam - Airbase hit by Viet Cong. An American cargo plane on runway. American jet fighter, men spraying tarmac beneath plane with water. Belly of B57 bomber damaged by mortar fire, holes in fuselage. Man lifting large tubes (plane parts?). Lieutenant Colonel Kwan, the base commander, pointing at map with stick explaining how the Viet Cong attacked. Burnt out vehicle. Water being sprayed on jet plane. American guards who encountered the Viet Cong during the attack are interviewed. Soldier explains that while on guard he released his guard dog which knocked down a Viet Cong intruder who killed dog. Soldiers squatting round the bodies of two dead dogs, they cover them with tarpaulin. Another guard talks about the eighteen to twenty Viet Cong that attacked with heavy support fire.
1.2.68 - Silent - Saigon, South Vietnam - Viet Cong attack U.S. Embassy. Australian soldier with wide brimmed hat holding revolver outstretched as crosses road, pan to man on moped. Man leaning against tree in long shot. Deserted streets. American army jeep, soldier squatting next to casualty. U.S. soldiers defending the Embassy. They crouch and hold rifles, the same lying on ground. Hole in wall caused by enemy fire. Exterior of Embassy. Three corpses in the grounds of Embassy. Helicopter flying away from camera. Jeep with 'Military Police' written on its rear. Military Policemen running along pavement. Soldiers with stretcher containing casualty, crowds on either side. Two soldiers supporting another injured man as they run to safety. Soldiers standing outside Embassy. Body on stretcher on ground behind ambulance. Soldiers carrying stretcher with corpse to ambulance.
14.2.67 - Silent - Saigon, South Vietnam. Results of Viet Cong mortar attack. A damaged building, wreckage everywhere. Vietnamese firemen with shiny silver helmets. U.S. army sergeant (medium shot) moving some of the rubble. Firemen removing cabinet from building. Crate being pulled out of debris. Army sergeant emerges from building holding an unexploded mortar shell. People looking at shell. Two Vietnamese men in white shirts holding damaged metal pipe. Vietnamese soldier picks up piece of broken pipe, a line of them laid out on the floor. Crowd gathered around building, fireman backs out of entrance with stretcher. Badly burnt corpse on stretcher on ground (grizzly). Photographer taking close up pictures of the corpse. Crowd gathered round corpse doing nothing.
4.11.66 - Silent - Saigon, South Vietnam - National Day parade. Car with smashed windows (image very jumpy). Crowd of Vietnamese in suits watching parade (looks very orderly). Motorcade from front: motor bikes with uniformed police, car behind with man waving. Vietnamese with flags in traditional costume and army units both standing to attention. More shots of motorcade passing massed troops. Large balloon with writing, camera tilts and follows restraining line down to brass band. Helicopters flying in formation.
4.11.66 - Sound - Saigon, South Vietnam - National Day Parade, Viet Cong attack. Brass playing on sound track while elephants walk down street. Boy watching parade while sitting in tree. Vietnamese scouts marching. Soldiers marching while playing with their weapons (synchronised rifle twirling). Soldiers pushing roll of barbed wire into crowd. Truck full of troops passes camera. Ambulance passes. Commentary talks of mortar rounds exploding. Soldiers running along exterior of building. Viet Cong are attacking. Aerial (or high level) view of soldiers and Military Policemen fighting with crowd, commentary states that they have thrown one suspect into jeep. Crater where mortar round exploded. Flip flops abandoned in road. People in road milling. Aerial view (long shot) of man being arrested. Planes flying in formation. Balloons in air, helicopters fly overhead. Commentary talks of the National Day Parade continuing even though there has been this Viet Cong attack.

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