Film: 7923

Railways | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Stock shots of the New York Subway (underground) followed by an interview with a spokesman from the London Underground. 1960's

Shots from the platform of a Subway station under New York. Train approaches. passes platform, comes to halt, doors open, passengers disembark, others get on, train moves off. Same again from other end of platform, train approaches, eventually stops, doors open. people get on, train leaves station. Four men on platform talking. They cannot be heard over the noise from the passing trains. Interviewer with microphone asks one of them when a Londoner was last on the subway. In English accent he replies 'Thirty-two years ago'. But he feels that this reply is not adequate and asks for the shot to be retaken. When asked the same question the reply is extended. States that it was twenty-eight years ago, that London Underground believes in keeping in touch, London Transport men have been frequent visitors to New York. Says that New York Subway system are doing a first class job. Claims that congestion is unavoidable and perhaps London's is worse. He looks at his mates and they smile and nod in approval.

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