Film: 7924

War + Military | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


The Vietnam War 1960's

14.6.66 - Silent - Saigon, South Vietnam. Buddhists try to present gift of tear gas cannisters to President Johnson. Various tear gas grenades on table. A box on same. Buddhist priest sitting at table making statement (microphone in front of him). Tilts down to grenades. Close up of box addressed to 'Mr Johnson, President, United States, c/o American Ambassy in Vietnam'.
1.9.66 - Sound - Saigon, South Vietnam. American servicemen held in slaying of street vendor. Dead woman lying on pavement, a stretcher next to her. The crowd, consisting of men, children and a policeman in uniform. Women standing around corpse, tilts down to covered body. The crowd. Voice of crowd member with strong Vietnamese accent (difficult to decipher). An American in spectacles explains that he went into front room of restaurant where he heard shot and then saw U.S. sergeant in scuffle with small Vietnamese. Covered body left where it fell until a relative sees the body (in line with Vietnamese custom). A doctor in white coat fusses round body. The husband, a man in white shirt, weeps, rubbing his handkerchief across his face. Three U.S. servicemen with their hands raised and pressed against wall with Military Policemen standing behind them. Medium close up of black MP in profile. The three men, handcuffed behind their backs, led into jeep with 'Military Police' written on the front. MPs in jeep also. Jeep drives away.
30.9.66 - Sound - Nom Ba - High aerial view of village bombed by accident by two U.S. Marine jets (they were two miles from the planned target). More aerial views. Shots from ground level of sticks in the ground, the remains of the village. A U.S. military doctor with stethoscope examines a Vietnamese casualty. The voice over states that the Americans are trying to make up for the death of thirty-four people. The survivors of the attack. Food supplied, a bowl of rice from which villagers take supplies. Man with machete scraping bamboo to build hut. Coffins. Man carrying coffin. Village children. Commentary states that villagers are grateful to the Americans for making amends so quickly! Hut building: putting on a roof. Woman with child carried in a pouch on her chest. Two U.S. soldiers talking in village. Panning shot of the village completely destroyed. (Almost as if the commentary can only be seen as ironic.)
19.2.68 - Silent - San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.. Released pilot, Captain Jon Black, returns to the U.S.A. Black steps off aeroplane, smiles, embraces his wife, they kiss, his sons in anoraks. A family reunited. They pose for photographs and then get into a car to be driven away.
21.12.68 - Silent - Andrews Airforce Base, Washington DC, U.S.A.. Eleven American soldiers returned to America having been held captive in Cambodia for 156 days. They were crew members of a landing craft on the Mekong Delta that strayed (!) into Cambodia. U.S. servicemen getting off plane. They stand in front of plane and then walk off. Officer spokesman states they are glad to be back.

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