Film: 7925

War + Military | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


Vietnam war 1960's

3.2.68 - Silent - Danang, South Vietnam, South East Asia - South Vietnamese soldier crouches behind pillar. South Vietnamese soldiers walking along road, civilians follow them. A house in flames after air strike. Another house in flames. A South Vietnamese soldier carrying a rifle while walking on roof. Soldier kicking bicycle in debris. Refugees carrying as much as they can walking in a long line on the side of the road towards camera. Children in the line. Woman carrying baby running followed by boy. Boy carrying baby followed by woman holding children's hands running along road. South Vietnamese soldiers standing. A family of refugees, loads of children, three women. They walk past camera and on down road. Old woman holding child's hand. Small child being dragged along. Armoured tank on road with banner across road above it. A troop carrier in road. A street scene. (This has been cobbled together from cuts hence the frequent spacer.)
4.2.68 - Sound - Saigon, South Vietnam, South East Asia - General Cushman (U.S.A.) on enemy tactics. Static camera. Interviewer asks what is motivating the North Vietnamese. General states that he has never known. He is then asked if he has any doubts about the ability of the U.S. Marines to quash the revolution. The General states that he has no doubts and that this is not a revolution but an invasion (probably alluding to the Tet Offensive).
7.5.68 - Silent - Daido, South Vietnam, South East Asia - South Vietnamese soldier on patrol in street. In background there is a parked car and children. Refugees running along roadside, bus in background. People on mopeds. Large roll of barbed wire in road. Refugees crossing road. Soldiers sitting on top of armoured troop carrier. Smoke rising in distance. A stationary U.S. tank on road, a U.S. soldier walks in front of it. U.S. soldiers talking (long shot). A U.S. soldier standing next to a tree, another sitting at the foot of the tree next to the first. U.S. soldiers with full kit walking past camera.
28.2.68 - Sound - Saigon, South Vietnam, South East Asia - Airbourne troops sweep perimeter of Saigon. Aerial view of river, jungle, bomb crater. U.S. soldiers standing next to armoured troop carrier. They discuss map. Close ups of the individual faces. A soldier shouts and points. Armoured troop carrier moving away. Soldiers walking across open land on patrol. An officer speaking on a radio. More shots of troops on patrol. Troops taking cover by lying on ground. A soldier has been shot. A stretcher comes. Soldier standing next to smoke flare. Bell Huey helicopter approaching. Injured soldier put onto stretcher. Helicopter lands, stretcher placed on board. Armoured troop carrier passes. Soldiers move away.
Date? - Sound - South Vietnam - Jet aircraft in sky, it disappears, enormous explosion, smoke. U.S. soldiers standing while injured men are treated on the ground. Man on stretcher carried to large helicopter. Dead Vietnamese man on ground. Men attempting to pull boat out of river while still loaded with men. Soldiers carrying injured man on stretcher. They put stretcher on ground. Soldier in T shirt holds up drip while casualty lies on ground smoking a cigar. Soldier taking boxed supplies out of troop carrier and passes them to another soldier.
7.5.68 - Sound - Saigon, South Vietnamese, South East Asia - Soldiers in Saigon street, gun fire can be heard. They are trying to dislodge Viet Cong from school building. Soldiers running. Three soldiers firing rifles from three different positions. Soldiers running. Helicopter gun ship in distance as they try to keep Viet Cong units out of this part of the city and thereby prevent them from joining the unit already there. Tank on street. Black Panther Rangers (South Vietnamese). Car pulls up near troops.
Soldier uncovers body wrapped up on pavement. Commentary states that the body is that of a Western diplomat who had been pulled from car and executed by Viet Cong. Person runs across street, ruins everywhere.
14.5.68 - Silent - South Vietnam - City Devastation. Pan ruined and collapsed buildings, the only thing standing are damaged trees. A straw hut burning. U.S. soldiers outside burning house.

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