Film: 7926

War + Military | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


A selective look at how the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam war was seen by the U.S. to affect the lives of the South Vietnamese 1960's

29.6.66 - Silent - Saigon, South Vietnam, South East Asia - Boys on the streets of Saigon. Vietnamese boys in shorts walking along Saigon street carrying shoe shine boxes. Group of boys laughing together wearing dirty open shirts, one has his arm around another. Boy sitting on doorstep. Two boys sitting in the street smoking cigarettes. Close up of one exhaling smoke. Boys congregating on a street corner. Boy chasing man as he walks along street. He grabs at his trouser leg. Eventually he is persuaded to sit and have his shoes shined. Shoe shine boy cleaning shoes. Rear view of young balloon seller walking along street with balloons attached to pole over his shoulder. Another balloon seller comes the other way. Group of boys sitting in a circle on the ground playing cards: dealing, looking at dealt hand, laying cards. Classroom with long desks at which children sit. One boy steps from desk to desk to reach front of class. Close ups of children's faces. Shot of the entire class, some put arms up as if responding to question. Male teacher in profile wearing spectacles. A child drumming, three children under sheet with dragon head at front: Dragon Dance. Another child dances with helmet on. Close up of child sleeping on step in Saigon street.
12.6.66 - Sound - Saigon, South Vietnam, South East Asia - Catholics stage pro-American, anti-Communist march past U.S. Embassy in Saigon. Women in uniform marching in front of the Embassy, tilt up to American flag on roof. A more informal march with banners: 'No Compromise With Evil', 'Brothers in Arms We're Body and Soul With You'. The marchers walk in rows. Profile of soldier's head, in background are the marchers. Helicopter flies overhead. Another banner: 'Catholics Refuse to Love Satan Hounds' (why are banners in English? For the benefit of U.S. TV?). Numerous marchers, all in white shirts, very peaceful. Close up of marchers' passing smiling faces, one waves. Two U.S. Military Policemen watch. Camera pulls back to show marching band followed by scouts. Commentary suggests that the pro-American feeling is strong in Vietnam.
21.10.66 - Silent - Saigon, South Vietnam, South East Asia - Vietnamese military construct statues to fuel traditional feeling. South Vietnamese soldiers using welding gear on Marine Corps statue in Le Loi Street, Saigon. Long shot of statue and men working. Soldiers standing and looking at plans. The Air Force statue under construction, an abstract affair called 'Flight'. People walk in front of the statue. Workmen working on it. Steps being laid. Man in hat using trowel on cement. Back to men looking at plans. Sculptor in helmet using hammer and chisel on block of stone to form Police statue. Group of workmen smoothing out wet cement. Long shot of the sculpture with traffic buzzing around it. A sculpture of a soldier in uniform: the Ranger's statue. Its completed head and then down to the uniform. Man mixing cement on board to add to sculpture. Sculpted men in frozen yell. Badge on soldier's arm, an engineer. The Engineer's statue, a victory column. Man using trowel, another cleaning his in a large bucket of water. Long shot of tower with scaffolding.
6.11.66 - Silent - Long Tau Channel, Near Saigon, South Vietnam, South East Asia - Salvage crew raise minesweeper sunk by Vietcong mines. U.S. soldiers, without shirts, standing on boat a water level. Diver wearing mask in water, he dives. High shot of air bubbling to the surface. Rear view of men without shirts, one jumps into water, another pulls a rope. Diver climbs up ladder to get out of water. Mechanical winch turning. Minesweepers look- out post just above the surface of water. Close up of this platform. Sailor with eagle tattoo on his chest. The minesweeper boat is pulled clear of the water and secured by ropes. Long shot of the boat attached to the salvage vessel.
17.11.68 - Silent - Bien Hoa, Vietnam, South East Asia - Forty North Vietnamese prisoners of war remain in camp despite offer to send them home. Long shot of camp, high barbed wire fences with barrack style buildings behind them. Three N. Viet. prisoners inside camp. One has lost an arm, another a leg and is on crutches. Man with one leg supports himself on crutches and rinses stump with water from tub. Prisoners squatting together in the shade of hut. Rear view of these prisoners, they are all wearing jackets with 'TB' printed on the back. Prisoner carrying birds in cage which he hangs on barbed wire near fence. Close up of cage. Interior of building: Rows of bunk beds. Men playing board game on bottom of nearest bunk. Medium shot of men playing game. Close up of one of their faces. Close up of hands as they move counters across board. Close up of hand strumming guitar. Medium shot of prisoner playing guitar on lower bunk, his left leg is missing (amputee). Man minus leg sitting on bunk. Prisoners sitting on bunk. Outside a prisoner is walking with difficulty with the aid of a stick. Another N. Viet. prisoner pours water on one of the injured man's feet to clean it. A road in the camp flanked by barbed wire. Prisoners in line carrying a log away from the camera.

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