Film: 7927

Social History | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


14.6.66 - Sound - Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.. Puerto Rican unrest. Police car moving slowly along road with lights flashing. Night: Neon lights flashing. Scuffles between police and civilians (unclear). Ambulance with lights flashing moving down wet road towards camera. Person being arrested. Smashed shop window with litter bin lying inside it. Apparently looting was serious. Claudio Flores, a Puerto Rican leader, states that there should be more understanding between community and police. Police getting into cars and vans and leaving the area.
30.6.66 - Sound Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.. Puerto Ricans march to City Hall to protest against alleged police brutality and alleged failure of the City administration to recognise Puerto Rican problems. Front of march. Banners include slogans, 'We Want Justice', 'No Self Appointed Leaders'. March is very peaceful. More banners, 'Better Education, No More Doodlers', 'We Demand Civilian Complaint Review Board'. Police officer doing up helmet strap. Interviewer asks march leader, Senor Diaz, what he expects to achieve from the march. Replies that he wants the Puerto Rican voice to be heard.
24 & 25.7.66 - Silent - San Juan, Puerto Rico. Pro-independence demonstration against Puerto Rican participation in Vietnam War on the eve of rally to celebrate fourteen years of close U.S. Puerto Ricans relations. People marching with flags. Slogan on banner, 'NO MAS PUERTORRIQUENOS A VIETNAM'. Similar banner with dramatic painting in background. Another banner calls for people to resist the call of the military. People carrying a mock coffin with the national flag draped over it to symbolise Puerto Rican deaths in Vietnam. The celebration: American officials in stand. U.S. troops march past saluting. Bearded man clapping. More service men. People march past. U.S. brass band marches past (with female band leader).

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