Film: 7928

Aviation | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


Space 1960's

4.5.1961 - Silent - Preparations for U.S. space flight, Project Mercury. Men in white overalls and peaked hats working on machinery. Men in control room looking up (at monitor?). Man in blazer talking. Man in white overalls again, they have 'McDonnell' written on their backs. One is cleaning piece of equipment. Another enters frame, offers another end of roll of cloth. Space rocket awaiting launch (out of focus). More men in white overall. Pointed part of rocket with 'United States' written on it. Bottom of rocket. Naval battleship leaving harbour. Aircraft carrier at sea (from shore). Same from deck. Ship's bridge, officer looks through binoculars. Waves lapping on a beach. Back to rocket. Focus on sign on rocket, 'MR 7' (Mercury 7). Countdown with clock in corner of screen showing 6:20.
21.7.61 - Sound - Grissom's abortive space flight. Astronaut gets into elevator that takes him to top of space rocket. At top he walks around space capsule and then begins to lever himself in horizontally. After the space flight has been cancelled Grissom stands next to space capsule without his helmet, men in white overalls behind him. Space capsule has 'Liberty Bell' written on it. NASA man looking up from ground (short hair, white shirt, tie), cars behind him. Back to the Grissom. He leaves top of rocket. Elevator descending in long shot. Astronaut leaves the lift and walks to car.
15.2.61 - Sound - Secy Salinger reads John F. Kennedy's (JFK), the President of the U.S.A., statement on Venus Russian Rocket Shoot. Salinger steps down from house to take position in front of microphones. Message is addressed to Khrushchev. Sends congratulations on launch of Venus rocket.
13.4.61 - Sound - Kennedy on Russian space flight. News Conference. Men sitting, one stands, asks about the speed of the space program and what the possibility is of catching up with Russians. JFK stands at rostrum nodding as the question is asked. JFK replies by stating that Soviets had gained advantage by making large boosters, will take time to catch up.
13.4.61 - Sound only - Russian spaceman's voice (the first man in space!). Can just make out voice with lots of interference. English translation reveals that Yuri Gagarin is saying that visibility is good and that he well.
14.4.61 - Silent - Moscow, Russia. Russians celebrate in street on Yuri Gagarin's return from space. Group of people in overcoats march towards the camera chanting. Crowd of Russians smiling. A Russian sign with drawn picture of astronaut in corner.

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