Film: 7929

Politics | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


25.7.61 - Sound - Miami, Florida, U.S.A.. Hijacked airline passengers, freed by the Cuban government return to America (their plane is still being held). Male passenger interviewee seen over shoulders. States that after the hijack was over pilot said that a gun had been held to his head and that he did what he was told and switched radios off and headed to Havana, Cuba. Female tells the story matter-of-factly, they were headed for Havana at gun point, what else could they do? She says that they were treated wonderfully in Havana.

6.8.61 - Sound - U.S.A.. Gilman, man who punched potential hijacker is interviewed. Stands next to larger man in suit. Gilman has hand in cast, it was fractured when he hit hijacker. Feigns punch on other man, they laugh. Close up of Gilman, tilt to his hand in plaster. States that hijackers had been close to surrendering on a number of occasions. Eventually got them to take their guns off cock and to put them away. Closes by saying that he did not realise he had hit him so hard.

10.8.61 - Sound - Washington DC, U.S.A.. John F. Kennedy (JFK), the President of the U.S.A., states that border patrolmen will be placed on airliners to prevent hijacking. JFK walks through doors and up to news conference rostrum. States that border patrolmen will be on flights, that doors on all flights are to be kept locked and that keys to doors are to be held by those inside plane. Calls for governments to discourage hijacking. Massed press sitting. Journalist standing, he asks if the President thinks that the Russians have done what they say they have done in relation to space flight. JFK replies 'Yes', followed by a ripple of laughter. Another stands and points out that Soviets have three times as many people graduating in sciences than U.S.. JFK, in reply, talks about scholarships in U.S.. States that U.S. are behind U.S.S.R. because they started later. Goes on to say that cannot permit any country who is hostile to America to dominate space.

9.8.61 - Silent - Havana, Cuba. Anti-Castro hijackers start a gun battle on a passenger plane soon after take-off from Havana. Pilot and guard were killed and the Cuban C-46 plane crash landed by co-pilot in a field outside Havana. Close up of bent propellers caused when it crash landed. View of cockpits bullet damaged windows from the interior. Bullet holes in interior door. Telephone on interior wall with bullet hole in panel. The abandoned passenger cabin. Medium long shot of Cuban militiamen with guns enter cane field in order to search for the hijackers.

10.8.61 - Sound - Miami, Florida, U.S.A.. Passengers of hijacked aeroplane that was hijacked and redirected to Havana return to America at night. Passengers descending steps from passenger aircraft. Sign above airport door, 'International Passenger'. People at night walking across the tarmac of the Miami airport runway. Co-pilot interviewed on runway. States that a man burst into cockpit brandishing pistol and screamed 'We go to Havana.' He was concerned that someone might accidentally get shot. Eventually the tension wore off.

11.8.61 - Sound (poor) - Washington DC, U.S.A.. Chief of Border Patrolmen, Joseph M. Swing, states that they have been on guard against illegal flights since 1959. Woman writing at desk, close up of film camera. Swing continues, aware that it is a very serious thing for a bullet to cause hole in a plane's fuselage at high altitude.

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