Film: 7930

Politics | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


Cuban Prisoners for tractors 1960's

20.4.61 - Sound - Washington DC, U.S.A.. Anti-Fidel Castro Cubans picket Soviet Embassy. Outside Soviet Embassy. Marchers with banners. Some hold up newspapers. Close up of walking feet on pavement. Woman holding banner, 'Russia is Intervening in Cuba Helping Castro'. Man being interviewed on pavement. States that U.S. must be aware that Castro is capable of using the weapons that he has obtained from Russia against the U.S..

22.4.61 - Silent - Washington DC, U.S.A.. Anti Castro Cubans march outside White House. Woman holding banner with caricature of Castro as they walk in front of White House. Banners, 'Thank You Mr Kennedy', 'Communism, Castro, Corruption'. Buses arriving (full of pro-Castro marchers). Egg smashed on window of stationary bus, dripping on to ground. Pro Castro demonstration. Banner, 'Kennedy Call Off Your Dogs'. The pro-Castro march. Woman shouting, policeman preventing her from moving towards the pro-Castro marchers. A young woman shouting. Men pointing shouting, gesticulating.

24.5.61 - Sound - Passenger aeroplane (with propellers) taxiing on a Washington D.C., U.S.A. runway. Cameramen. Men in trousers and shirts descend the steps from the plane's exit (Cubans who have arrived to negotiate for tractors in exchange for prisoners). Close up of journalist's hands writing in note book. Doctor Miro Cardona (a man in his fifties wearing a tie, overcoat, spectacles and brimmed hat) asked if negotiating release of ten rebel prisoners in exchange for U.S. tractors is blackmail. States he does not understand English and does not wish to make an 'opinion'. Asked if he will have difficulty in raising necessary funds. 'I think no' he replies. Numerous cameramen and photographers in hotel room. In a corner stand the negotiators with Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, Walther Reuther, Milton Eisenhower. The Cubans look very serious. The three U.S. officials sit behind a long desk before a press conference begins. Row of television cameras (one has 'NBC News' printed on it). Reuther outlines the arrangement for the swap. Seated journalist writing in note book. Eisenhower states there is no political motivation in what they are doing. The negotiators from Cuba standing and sitting behind the same desk make a statement to the press. Spokesmen states that he hopes negotiations will be completed.

24.6.61 - Silent - Washington DC, U.S.A.. Mrs Roosevelt is interviewed on steps outside building. She seems very happy but there is no sound.

27.6.61 - Silent - Cuban prisoners / negotiators return. Ship in harbour. The Cubans in casual clothes. Women crying behind bars. Men kissing women through bars on window. Men talking to women through bars.

21.7.61 - Silent - Miami, Florida, U.S.A. - Eight of the ten Cuban prisoners of war who sought to negotiate the tractor for prisoners deal in an effort to free 1200 men captured in the ill fated invasion of Cuba in spring of 1961 return to Havana, Cuba from Miami, U.S.A. (two remain in U.S.A.). They left with four Cuban exiles how hope to persuade Castro to free prisoners. Woman waving handkerchiefs from behind fence. Medium close up of woman with tears on her face. She blows kiss and then waves. The eight men ascend steps to board a Pan Am aircraft. At the top of the steps they turn and wave. A woman holding her eyes and weeping. Another woman pulls her away from the fence. Families being torn apart.

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