Film: 7932

Personalities | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


Silent - Washington DC, U.S.A.. Buildings with flags flying at half mast in memory of Robert Kennedy (RFK) who was shot on 6.6.68 and died of his wounds the following day. 1960's

Extreme long shot of White House. Long shot reveals flag at half mast on roof of the building. Capitol with flag at half mast (low angle shot). Closer view of same. John F. Kennedy's (JFK) grave with flame burning. Sound - Flag at half mast on flag pole in front of large building. Close up of flag. Two men on pavement reading the headline in a newspaper, 'RFK is Dead of Wounds'. Cars on road with headlights on to display feeling of grief after RFK's death. Union Jack and American flag flying at half mast on building. VOX POP: commuter says she is shocked by RFK's death; a man says he feels bad for the family; a black man says he feels bad about it and that he was a very good man; a white woman wonders if she still lives in a democracy and describes the murder as an unbelievable tragedy; a man says that America lost a good citizen.
Silent - Still of RFK as a boy with family (JFK to his right). Another still. Exterior of St. Patrick's Cathedral in which RFK's body lies in state. Interior of the Cathedral with mourners passing RFK's coffin. Johnson, Evers. Joseph Kennedy and others make up honour guard. People still passing. Aerial view of queues waiting to see RFK's body. Pavements packed on either side of the road. Closer view from ground level. Crowds. One woman sits on road with cold drink to her head. Travelling shots crowd on pavement. Back to aerial view, tilt up to St. Patrick's Cathedral. People coming out of the cathedral having seen RFK's body. Women weeping, some are hysterical. Man wipes tears from eyes by raising spectacles. Woman escorted out of cathedral by police, she collapses. Man in similar state. Another man has fainted. An old woman faints. Man being helped into Roosevelt Hospital ambulance. VOX POP with people who have been into cathedral: black boy says that he waited for two hours before he was able to see the body; upper middle class white boy wearing tie says that 'When they get a good man for Congress they shoot him down. I think its terrible.' He walks away. Woman says its terrible.
Silent - Washington DC. Arlington grave sight checked and RFK's children leave airport. Sign, 'Official Vehicles Only', Mercedes passes through shot, pan to follow car. Two men in Arlington Cemetery looking at map. View of the cemetery. A soldier standing to attention. Washington Monument from the Arlington Cemetery. RFK's children crossing tarmac at airport to board aircraft. Medium close up of daughter. Rear view as they climb steps to aeroplane.

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