Film: 7933

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US Poverty 1960's

21.5.68 - Silent - Washington DC, U.S.A.. Residents of Resurrection City (a makeshift town established by the Poor March in Washington DC) march on Capitol Hill. Black marchers walk past Washington Monument and along edge of lake. People milling around Greyhound Bus, man carrying box. Hearing Room in Congress with committee hearing in progress. White man sitting at long desk. Black marchers filing into building. The marchers in corridor and entering room. Rear view of marchers with U.S. Capitol in background.
22.5.68 - Sound - Washington DC, U.S.A.. Poor people at John F. Kennedy's grave. Long shot of line of marchers walking in Arlington Cemetery. Medium long shot of numerous marchers climbing steps. Medium shot of marchers (predominantly black) walking past camera. Low shot of flame at Kennedy's grave, marchers file past in front of soldier. Close up of black woman wiping tears away with handkerchief. Line of black people stand at grave side. Rear view of black people filing away from grave. Black man on crutches in marching crowd. Marchers clapping and chanting. Walking back into Resurrection City. Crowd outside the makeshift City Hall (which is essentially a shack). Medium close up of Reverend Abernathy speaking to the crowd, representatives of the media holding up microphones to Abernathy. States that they are going to stay in Washington until Congress sends them back. Audience applauding. Abernathy continues, says that they will go all the way. Crowd applauding, they begin to sing 'We Shall Not Be Moved'. Pan over audience singing and clapping.
23.5.68 - Sound - U.S.A.. Press Conference given by Rev. Abernathy and Rustin. Rustin sits at table with microphones. Close up of black woman sitting next to Rustin smoking cigarette. Rustin whispering to Abernathy, who also sits at table, behind his hand. Abernathy in medium close up states that June 19 has been selected as 'day of conscience' when the whole nation will be urged to come to Washington to petition government in support of the poor. Close up of recording equipment. Rustin speaks. Wants march to Washington to include the best people of all communities. Equality is important. Rustin smokes, is asked how many Congressmen will support them. Responds by saying that in this election year they will have more support than they did in 1963.
24.5.68 - Sound - Washington DC, U.S.A.. Rains turn Resurrection City into sea of mud. Shack with City Hall' written on side. Pan to people walking in mud. Mud and tents. Close up of feet walking in the mud, some are have bags over their shoes (like a music festival). Tilt up to men and women walking. Man walking and carrying sack over shoulder. Enormous pool of water in 'street', Washington monument in distance. Abernathy interviewed. He states that nothing will stop them and that Resurrection City will be taken care of in the same way that other cities apply to Federal Government for assistance in paving streets.
22.5.68 - Sound - Washington DC, U.S.A.. Southern contingent of Poor People's March arrive in Washington. Crowds of people with Lincoln Memorial in background. Marchers. Crowds around lake in front of Washington memorial (shot from the steps of Lincoln Memorial). Medium shots of marchers sitting (speaker can be heard). Abernathy meeting leaders in Resurrection City (next to City Hall). He shakes he hands of the march leaders to welcome them. Crowds outside the City Hall. Debris left in front of the Lincoln Memorial by marchers after they had dispersed. Close up of discarded banners and rubbish, tilt up to Washington memorial in background. More rubbish, people walking.
21.6.68 - Silent - Washington DC, U.S.A.. Poor People Demonstration. Police hold the arms up of a black man lying in road. The same being dragged by police. Black man being held by arms by white police.
16.8.61 - Silent - New York, U.S.A.. Free Food Centre, part of a new welfare programme in which 18 million dollars of surplus food is distributed to the poor. Large building with small crowd outside. People on pavements. Queue of poor people. Shot of interior of warehouse, tins being put into poor people's shopping trolleys by helpers. More tins into trolleys. Bags being dragged away. Old white woman being interviewed on pavement. She says that she feels entitled to the free food and does not feel it is charity because she has led a respectable life. Tells interviewer she is eighty-seven in two weeks. Stupid interviewer asks what she is going to do with rice. She replies, 'Cook it!'

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