Film: 7934

Personalities | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


JFK 1960's

7.6.61 - Silent - Washington DC, U.S.A.. John F. Kennedy (JFK), the President of the United States of America, returns to America after Summit talks with Khruschev (the Soviet leader) in Vienna, Austria as well as talks with MacMillan (British Prime Minister) in London and De Gaulle (President of France) in Paris. JFK descends steps from stationary Presidential aeroplane on American runway. He reaches bottom of steps where a line of men are applauding. JFK moves along the line shaking each man's hand.
14.6.61 - Sound - Washington DC (?), U.S.A.. Rayburn, a bald old man who looks close to death, stands behind microphones outside building and reports on JFK'S Health and Aid Programme. Journalist taking notes. Medium close up of Rayburn making statement. He says that he feels foreign aid is necessary (his head swings, distractingly, from side to side). Journalists making notes. Medium long shot of Rayburn still at microphones, he speaks about someone who has recently been injured but is looking remarkably well (JFK?).
10.8.61 - Sound - Washington DC, U.S.A.. Pierre Salinger, White News Secretary, spells out provisions of an agreement drawn up by President Kennedy should he be unable to perform his duties.
25.9.61 - Sound - JFK on peace at the United Nations (UN). JFK is directed to large chair where he sits, applause can be heard. The United Nations full of delegated applauding JFK's entrance, camera pans. JFK states that man being replaced on the United Nations Executive should be replaced by one man and not three. Applause.
JFK takes stand. Refers to death of one of the members of the UN Executive (probably Dag Hammerskjold) but insists that the UN still lives on. Along with the continued existence of the UN goes the continued quest to achieve peace. States that the UN will either change the world or disappear. To cripple the UN is to cripple the future. Must aim to reduce the capacity for countries to wage war.
Suggests a number of ways of achieving peace: Sign test ban treaty on Nuclear Weapons; ensure that test ban negotiations do not wait for general disarmament; stop the production of nuclear weapon materials; prohibit transfer of control over nuclear weapons to those countries that do not have any currently; keep nuclear weapons from outer space; gradually destroy existing nuclear weapons as well as the nuclear delivery vehicles. Concludes by stating that to destroy weapons is not enough. Must create a world wide law and law enforcement.

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