Film: 7935

Politics | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


Beginning of the 1968 U.S Presidential campaign.

1/3/68, New York. Rockefeller and other Republicans decide on candidates, interviews.
Richard Nixon interview.
Silent - Robert Kennedy campaign office, telegrams received.
30/4/68. Richard Nixon interview. Rockefeller (?). Ronald Reagan gives press conference, lots of talk about who will be candidate, party unity and so on.
Silent - Robert Kennedy greeted by young people off his plane. Motorcade through streets, hand shaking with crowd.
Sound - polling station, voters sign in, poll booth. Primary elections.
Sound, Hubert Humphrey, Democrat, interviewed about the Primaries and if they are significant.
Sound - Richard Nixon is asked about Robert Kennedy's victory in the primaries, 'He would be a strong opponent, after all you can't knock money'.
Sound / silent, Eugene McCarthy and his followers and press conference.

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