Film: 7937

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


Anti Vietnam War protests that erupted in Chicago during a Democrat Party 1960's

Convention when the Mayor of Chicago announced their support for Hubert Humphrey as one of the party's Presidential Candidates.
8.68 - Sound - Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.. Hippies and police clash anti Vietnam war protests. Aerial shot of marchers at night. Aerial view of National Guardsman with rifles. Police in helmets, cacophony of shouting. Damaged car with door left open (with sign on top that gives details of when a ballot burning will occur). More police in helmets. Seated marchers viewed over the heads of police. White man being arrested and pulled about by policeman. Police and marchers running. Police with batons dragging arrested man along ground. Police van door is opened and in he goes. Police running. 27.8.68 - Sound - Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.. Police clash with Hippies in park. Night: Rear view of police standing in line blocking road. Front view of riot police with helmets and batons. Crowds in park walking between cars (difficult to make out). People crossing road. Police wearing gas masks dragging man away. Dark shots. Police walking between cars. Men carrying a stretcher between them. Hubert Humphrey, Democratic candidate, speaking outside with members of the public. Supporters chant 'We want Humphrey'. Rear view of supporters heads. Banner, 'Let a Leader Lead the Way'. Demonstrators chanting. Humphrey still talking. Chanting can still be heard. Day: Man (Hippie) lying on grass of park, tilt up to silhouette of line of National Guards. More Hippies lying in the sun. Soldiers and Military Policemen on pavement. Pan to more soldiers. Overheads of soldiers a bill board on the back of a truck passes stating that the individual is 'responsible for man', that one should therefore 'resist the draft', and not pay war taxes.
28.8.68 - Sound - Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.. Night: National Guard called out. Line of Hippies chanting, 'Oh no we won't go!' [to Vietnam]. Demonstrators chanting, some clapping and giving 'V' signs. Police standing and watching demonstrators. Demonstrators with hands on heads being frisked by police. Line of police on pavement. Demonstrators holding up both arms making 'V' sign with fingers. Banner, 'Youth Against War and Fascism'. Students chanting. Hand holding aloft a burning dollar bill. Rows of police. Students sitting in park. Chanting, 'Stop the war'. National Guard in jeeps enter shot. Troops with rifles getting out of jeeps and trucks. Military police lining up on pavement. Soldier speaking through megaphone. Military police with guns at the ready. Good footage of student riots in the 1960s.
29.8.68 - Sound - Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.. Demonstrators passing in front of policeman (rear view). Medium close up of demonstrators scuffling, one wears bandanna across his face. Wounded teenage demonstrator with bandage around head while sitting in makeshift hospital comments. States that police charged, swinging their batons and hitting people indiscriminately. He fell with others in the street. Story is intercut with images of police brutality that occurred that night. Police violently pushing demonstrators. Demonstrators violently dragged to police van. More violent arrests. Commentator states that television crews had their equipment damaged by police and film crews were arrested and held over night in cells, only to be released the next day without charge.
29.8.68 - Sound - Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.. More violence. Delegates entering hall where Democrat Party Convention being held. Black people dancing to music, they begin to chant. White photographer with blood on face is interviewed. He asked how he was injured. In reply states that he tried to get picture and was clubbed by someone he would recognise again. Says that there were two that hit him. Man begins to bandage the injured person's head. (Poor quality sound.)
29.8.68 - Sound - U.S.A.. McCarthy. Delegates entering hall, people chanting, 'We want peace'. McCarthy takes stand. Shaky camera. Says that he wished the co-runner for President of the Democrat Party all the best. Asks for questions. Says that nomination will depend on interpretation of the Platforms statement. He has made his mind up about this. Deplores violence in Chicago. Feels that the Convention should not have been held there.

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