Film: 7938

Personalities | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


JFK 1960's

1960s - Silent - Palm Beach International Airport, Florida, U.S.A.. John F. Kennedy, the President of the United States of America, leaves for Bermuda for a conference with Macmillan, the Prime Minister of Britain. Camera approaches stationary passenger aeroplanes on runway. The jet engines of the planes. The seal of the U.S. President on the open aircraft door. The American flag flying. Two police motorbikes approach camera and pass, they are followed by cars. The first, a Rolls Royce, stops and Dean Rusk, Secretary of State, emerges. He is saluted by guards at the bottom of the steps that lead up to the aircraft's open entrance. Photographers. USAAF guards saluting at the bottom of the steps (medium close up). The 'United States of America' on the plane's fuselage. Pan to more cars approaching and stopping. JFK emerges from one, he goes up the steps to the plane's entrance, others do same. A young military policeman with no hair but wearing helmet. The stationary plane in long shot. It begins to taxi away. Take off (extreme long shot) lots of exhaust smoke from engines. Brief shot of a neon sign for Palm Beach Airport.
5.6.61- Sound - U.S. Embassy in London. JFK takes stand, applause. He smiles and nods. States that the work they do in the Embassy is very important and that he used to work there before World War Two. The importance of Great Britain to United States. Fact that Britain stands for the same things as U.S.. Addresses the British Embassy employees who he hopes feel they are working for good of both countries. JFK leaves stand, applause. JFK mixing with Embassy employees. He retakes stand and asks for the British to raise their hands. From this he discovers that the majority of people there are British. There is a ripple of laughter. He walks out of room, applause. Embassy employees standing in the crowd before and after JFK's speech. Ambassador Bruce. JFK shaking hands with a line of Embassy staff. He talks to Ambassador Bruce. Crowd clapping.

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