Film: 7939

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


South America 1960's

13.7.61 - Sound - Ciudad Trujillo, Dominican Republic. First Free Rally held in thirty-one years by students at University of San Domingo. Speaker holding A4 papers while speaking in Spanish ( peace). Long shot audiences applauding. Panning close up of students in audience, speaker can still be heard, more applause. Various shots of enormous audience clapping.
19.10.61 - Sound - Ciudad Trujillo, Dominican Republic - Public demonstrations against the political heirs of dictator Rafael Trujillo. Men standing behind car throwing stones along a road (rear view). Demonstrator running along street pursued by helmeted police. Demonstrators on steps of building clapping and chanting. Police running down steps and then walking towards waiting buses. Police running. Man in vest being arrested by baton wielding police, they push him away and then onto bus (very unclear footage).
4.12.61 - Silent - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - Mobs clash with police over army / military call for strike-breaking action. Aerial view of large crowd, in the background a fight is in progress. Crowd running along street. Close up of black man in crowd wearing mirror sunglasses, singing and clapping. Man on pavement holding brick, he throws it and runs off. Troops with rifles on the streets. Crowd running towards camera. Two men lying in middle of road, they look up and away from camera. Smoke in road, demonstrators crossing street, some run. Aerial shots of soldiers running along street lined with shops. Troops standing in middle of road. Civilians walking towards camera, an injured man being carried by another man wearing a Stetson. Camera follows these two as people pass it on either side. Aerial view of crowd, some of them are picking up oil drums and throwing them. Men throwing stones (very light). Soldiers running. Smoke rising from fire in street (long shot). Crowd, people applauding. Burning car pulled on to its side by truck. The upside down car in flames. Crowds running. From inside vehicle, looking over the shoulder of policeman at man being arrested. Fence and ground in flames. Men with heavy sticks hitting stationary truck. Soldiers in street. Crowds running. Man picking up rocks from pavement, he runs behind burning car. The car engulfed in flames. Long shot of two men fighting, other people run towards them. Shoving in a crowd. Man being carried off. Soldiers in background and demonstrators in foreground. The latter run and are pursued by the former. Injured man on trolley with nurse alongside him holding up drip.
7.9.61 - Silent - New York, U.S.A.. Peace Corps contingent leaves for Colombia. Young man in suit holding guitar while standing with parents in an airport. Close up of the young man. Airport worker (black) placing luggage on a table, pan to luggage piled high on trolley. Men in suits eating in airport cafeteria. Close ups of men looking serious, another laughing (all in cafeteria). Luggage having labels attached to handles by airport staff as it passes on a conveyor belt.
16.10.61 - Silent - Colombia, South America. Colombian soldiers running through jungle. Crawling in jungle. Extreme long shot of soldiers running across a bridge. Pan down a church to children standing in town square with military truck in background. Building. Army officer walks behind some men standing in a road (he is a rebel prisoner). The same officer talking to soldiers, he attempts to kick revolver out of soldier's hand but misses, the soldier shoots him, officer falls to ground (all very dramatic). Officer lying in road, a priest stands over him.
27.5.65 - Silent - Bogata, Colombia, South America - Students throwing bricks at police from rooftops. Road littered with stones. Police / soldiers in street. Demonstrators in street, one throws a stone. More stone throwing, Colombian soldiers talking.
13.2.68 - Sound - Washington DC, U.S.A.. Organisation of American States (OAS) elects new Secretary General from Ecuador. Long shot of room with people sitting in rows in background and men sitting round a large table in the foreground (the delegates of the various American States). The Brazilian and Colombian delegates in medium close up. President of Uruguay in medium close up, pan to Vice President of the Dominican Republic. Man handing out voting slips to delegates (to select Secretary General). Delegate from Ecuador in medium close up. Small ballot box being placed in front of each seated delegate who places folded voting slip into box. The votes being counted at the head of the table. Long shot of hall, applause as result announced. The winner: Ecuadorian delegate in medium close up.
10.7.68 - Silent - President of the United States of America stops of at various South American countries. President Johnson (LBJ) waving from entrance of passenger plane in Nicaragua. He is guided down steps, his wife appears in the entrance, she waves then follows husband. At bottom President shakes hands. Crowds, banner, 'Welcome LBJ'. Medium close up of children in crowd. LBJ carrying two native children while FBI agents follow him with umbrellas. Long shot of crowds with flags. Children waving flags. LBJ at rostrum speaking. Three soldiers on runway saluting. Long shot of cannons being fired behind the President's plane. A national dance being danced for LBJ. President's daughter, Luci Johnson, dancing with the troupe. More crowds waving flags. Soldiers with rifles. President's entourage descending steps from aeroplane. Soldiers on parade on runway. President's entourage standing to attention on runway.
27.5.66 - Sound - Georgetown, British Guyana, British Guiana. Road, cars approaching camera, flags hanging from bunting across the road. Close up of flags. Policeman directing traffic, bicycles pass him as do cars. Demonstration, people circling in front of building while holding placards. Long shot of policeman directing traffic, a Morris Minor passes him. Back to the demonstrators with banners such as 'Rice Producers are Capable of Running their Own Affairs'. A building with 'Freedom House' written on its frontage. Closer view of this reveals that 'People's Progressive Party' is written above this. Interior of building, Jagan, a leader of the drive for independence from Britain, sits behind desk and is interviewed. States that problem in country is unity. Need backing of people in order to reach resolution. He is unhappy that puppets of the imperialists are now in office. Sees struggle as ending when independence has been achieved.

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