Film: 7940

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound | B/W


The election year of 1968.
3.10.68 - Michigan, U.S.A.. Wallace comes to Michigan. People descending steps from passenger plane. Wallace waves, chanting 'We want Wallace' can be heard. Line of people behind fence, pan across Wallace supporters (they are looking into sun and therefore shade their eyes). Wallace walking through crowd. People holding banners, 'Nix-On Wallace', 'Wallace is Nothing', they cant 'Go home'. Wallace takes stand in park. High angle shot of crowd, some hold banners, 'Legalize Genocide', 'The Devil is Only Doing His Job', 'Black Power'. Wallace speaks but sound is awful (unintelligible).
24.10.68 - Wakeo, Texas, U.S.A.. Hubert Humphrey descending steps from passenger plane. At rostrum on runway states that the next big change is one that his audience will make. Rear view of Humphrey making speech with large crowd in front of him.
10.11.68 - Key Biscayne, Florida, U.S.A.. Richard Nixon, President elect, with Spiro Agnew. Agnew states that he accepts the responsibilities that Nixon has given him.
10.11.68 - Key Biscayne, Florida, U.S.A.. Richard Nixon with Cabot Lodge (who was the U.S. ambassador in Vietnam) walking along beach together. Nixon and Lodge answering questions. Both stand behind microphones with palm trees in the background. Nixon states that Lodge is his advisor in Vietnam. Lodge speaks.
10.11.68 - New York, U.S.A.. Hubert Humphrey attacks Richard Nixon. Extreme long shot of 'Liberal Party Convention' with speakers at front, applause. Humphrey speaks, attacks Nixon describing him as 'Richard the careful'. Wonders if Nixon has changed then 'has he changed for the better.' States that the most important decision a President can make is his first. Nixon has made this by appointing Agnew which he describes as an eccentric decision. Claims that to appoint Agnew is to play with the country's destiny which he has no right to do.

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